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West Bank: Occupation Plants Hidden Cameras in Ex-detainees’ Houses

By coincidence, two ex-detainee brothers, Tareq and Akram Jibril, found very tiny and accurate cameras, planted by Israeli soldiers, at the entrances of their homes in the town of Tekoa, south-east of Bethlehem, south of the West Bank. The Israeli occupation has recently accelerated the targeting campaign against residents of […]

January 23, 2017 11:55 PM IMEMC News & Agencies Bethlehem, Human rights, News Report, Prisoners, West Bank 0

Gaza Fisherman Condition Critical Following Israeli Naval Attack

A Palestinian fisherman, on Monday morning, sustained serious wounds after he was shot in the head with a rubber-coated metal bullet by Israeli naval forces. Head of Gaza’s Fishermen’s Union, Nizar Ayyash, told the Palestine Information Center (PIC) that Israeli forces attacked Palestinian fishermen sailing off of western Beit Lahiya […]

January 23, 2017 11:42 PM IMEMC News & Agencies Gaza Siege, Gaza Strip, Israeli attacks, News Report, Refugees/Immigration 0

Army Demolishes Sheds, Tents And Barns, Near Jericho

Israeli soldiers demolished, on Monday at noon, several sheds, tents and barns, owned by Palestinians living in the al-Jiftlik town, in the West Bank’s Northern Plains, north of Jericho. Sabah Abu Rashed, the representative of Jericho District who witnessed the demolitions, along with a representative of the International Red Cross, […]

January 23, 2017 11:21 PM IMEMC News Human rights, Israeli attacks, Jericho, News Report, West Bank 0

Israeli Military Police Abducts Abdullah Abu Rahma While Attending Court Hearing

The Israeli Military Police abducted, Monday, senior nonviolent activist, Abdullah Abu Rahma, at the Ofer Military Court, while attending a heading for activists who were abducted last Friday. The Popular Committee against the Annexation Wall and Colonies in Bil’in village, in Ramallah, strongly denounced the abduction of Abu Rahma, who […]

January 23, 2017 10:23 PM IMEMC News Israeli attacks, Jerusalem, News Report, Non-violent action, Prisoners, Ramallah, West Bank 0
Netanyahu (image from wikimedia)

Netanyahu Chats with Trump, Then Declares Unrestricted Settlement Construction

A day after being inaugurated as U.S. President, Donald Trump called Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and invited him to come to the White House in February. Following the phone call, Netanyahu told his security cabinet that he will lift all restrictions on settlement construction in East Jerusalem, according to […]

January 23, 2017 12:37 PM Celine Hagbard Holy sites, International, International Politics, Israeli Settlement, Jerusalem, Jerusalem, News Report, West Bank 0

Israeli Soldiers Abduct 13 Palestinians In The West Bank

Israeli soldiers abducted, on Monday at dawn, at least thirteen Palestinians from their homes, in different parts of the occupied West Bank, and took them to several detention and interrogation centers. The Israeli army claimed the abducted Palestinians “participated on throwing stones on soldiers and settlers.” Two of the abducted […]

January 23, 2017 8:05 AM IMEMC News Israeli attacks, News Report, West Bank 0

Trump’s First Order of Business: Denying Palestinian Right to Jerusalem

Anonymous sources within the Trump administration in the US allegedly told Israeli News Channel 2 Friday that the new US President, Donald Trump, would on Monday make his first order of business the transfer of the U.S. Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, effectively denying the Palestinian people’s […]

January 23, 2017 4:02 AM IMEMC News International, International Politics, Jerusalem, Jerusalem, News Report 0

Israeli Soldiers Abduct A Child, Two Young Men, In Bethlehem, One In Qalqilia

Several Israeli army vehicles invaded, on Sunday at dawn, the towns of Husan and Beit Fajjar, in the West Bank district of Bethlehem, searched homes and abducted a child and two young men. The army also summoned two Palestinians, from Bethlehem city and Beit Fajjar, for interrogation. The Bethlehem office […]

January 22, 2017 12:18 PM IMEMC News Bethlehem, Israeli attacks, News Report, West Bank 0

Israeli Soldiers Abduct Four More Palestinians In Jerusalem

Israeli soldiers abducted, on Sunday at dawn, four Palestinians during invasions and violent searches of homes in the at-Tour neighborhood, in occupied East Jerusalem, shortly after abducting one Palestinian in the neighborhood. Local layer Mohammad Mahmoud said the soldiers invaded and violently searched several homes before abducting four Palestinians, and […]

January 22, 2017 12:01 PM IMEMC News Israeli attacks, Jerusalem, News Report 0

Israeli Soldiers Abduct A Young Man In Jerusalem

Israeli soldiers abducted, on Sunday at dawn, a young Palestinian man from the at-Tour neighborhood, overlooking the Old City, of occupied East Jerusalem. The abducted Palestinian has been identified as Faisal Shabana; he was cuffed and blindfolded by the soldiers, before being moved to an interrogation center in the city. […]

January 22, 2017 10:25 AM IMEMC News Israeli attacks, Jerusalem, News Report, West Bank 0

Army Injures A Child, Abducts A Man, In Kufur Qaddoum

Israeli soldiers attacked, Saturday, the weekly protest against the Annexation Wall and colonies in Kufur Qaddoum town, east of the northern West Bank city of Qalqilia, wounding a child in his arm, and also abducted a man. Medical sources said the child, identified as Awad Mansour, 12, was shot with […]

January 22, 2017 4:07 AM IMEMC News Israeli attacks, Negev, News Report, Qalqilia, West Bank 0

Bethlehem: Palestinians Burn Trump Pictures over Renewed US Support to Israel (VIDEO)

A group of Palestinian activists in the occupied West Bank city of Bethlehem burned, on Friday, 20/1/2017, pictures of  new US President Donald Trump in his first day of taking office because of his support to Israel, and especially his promises to move the US embassy in Israel from Tel […]

January 21, 2017 8:50 AM IMEMC News & Agencies Bethlehem, Holy sites, International Politics, News Report 0

Qassam Fighter Killed in Tunnel Accident In Khan Younis

The Al-Qassam Brigades, the armed wing of the Hamas movement, has announced the one of its fighters was killed, on Friday evening, in a tunnel accident in Khan Younis, in the southern part of the Gaza Strip. Al-Qassam identified the fighter as Yousef Issam al-Agha, 22, from Khan Younis, and […]

January 21, 2017 6:01 AM IMEMC News Gaza Siege, Gaza Strip, Israeli attacks, Khan Younis, News Report 0

Palestinian Child Injured By Israeli Army Fire In Northern Gaza

Palestinian medical sources have reported, Friday, that a child, only five years of age, was shot in her abdomen, after Israeli soldiers fired live rounds at homes and lands, in Beit Lahia, in northern Gaza. The sources said the child, identified as Rimas Hamdouna, 5, received the urgently-needed medical treatment […]

January 21, 2017 5:49 AM IMEMC News Beit Lahia, Gaza City, Gaza Strip, Israeli attacks, News Report 0

Kufur Qaddoum Protest Denounces Israeli Attacks On Um al-Hiran

Hundreds of Palestinians, and several international and Israeli peace activists, held the weekly nonviolent protest on Friday, this week denouncing the police killing of a Palestinian in Um al-Hiran town in the Negev, and the demolition of many homes there. Morad Eshteiwy, the coordinator of the Popular Committee in Kufur […]

January 21, 2017 5:28 AM IMEMC News Israeli attacks, News Report, Non-violent action, Qalqilia, West Bank 0