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13 Dec

B’Tselem: Israeli Soldier Used Lethal Force To Kill Mentally Disabled Palestinian (VIDEO)

Israeli rights group B’Tselem announced, on Wednesday, a report proving that Israeli soldiers used lethal force from a very close distance to kill a mentally disabled Palestinian. On Tuesday, 4 December, 2018, at around midnight, some 100 Israeli soldiers invaded the city of Tulkarem, in the occupied West Bank. Some […]

21 Mar

B’Tselem Report Refutes Israeli Claims of Reforming Military Detention for Children

A new Israeli report has demolished claims made, by Israeli authorities, that significant ‘reforms’ have been made to system of military detention and prosecution of Palestinian children. The report, issued by the Israeli human rights NGO B’Tselem, titled as ‘Minors in Jeopardy: Violation of the Rights of Palestinian Minors by Israel’s Military […]

06 Sep

War Crimes: B’Tselem Warns Netanyahu over Demolition of Palestinian Villages

Israeli rights group B’Tselem slammed the Israeli government’s plans to forcibly expel two Palestinian communities in the occupied West Bank, in a letter to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu saying that such a move would constitute a “war crime.” The letter, made public on Monday, describes in detail how the […]

20 Aug

B’Tselem on Latest Administrative Detention Orders

August 20, 2017 8:46 PM IMEMC News & Agencies Israel, News Report, Prisoners 0

Israeli authorities have issued 84 administrative detention orders against Palestinian detainees, since the beginning of this month, according to the Palestinian Prisoner’s Society (PPS). PPS noted, according to WAFA, that new administrative detention orders were issued to 47 Palestinian detainees, whereas the remaining 38 others received renewed orders. Israel’s widely […]

29 Jul

Amit Gilutz of B’Tselem: Israel Flouts International Law While Targeting Its Defenders

B’Tselem spokesperson Amit Gilutz says the NGO law is one of many legislative initiatives unfairly targeting organizations that oppose Israel’s occupation of Palestine. (See video below.) TRNN transcript: DIMITRI LASCARIS: This is Dimitri Lascaris for The Real News. In December 2016, in the final days of the Obama administration, the […]

24 Apr

B’Tselem: 107 Palestinians Slain in 2016

According to Israeli human rights group, B’Tselem, Israelis killed a total of 107 Palestinians in 2016, 101 of them by soldiers and 6 by settlers. B’Tselem pointed out that 90 of the slain were killed in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem. The report also counted eight in the […]

11 Jan

Video: Office of Israeli Human Rights Organization B’Tselem Burned in Suspected Arson

January 11, 2016 2:24 PM Celine Hagbard Human rights, Jerusalem, News Report 0

The Jerusalem office of the Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories, B’Tselem, was badly damaged in a fire on Sunday night, which authorities suspect may have been arson.According to a statement by the group, ‘None of our staff were in the building, but people working on […]

26 Nov

B’Tselem: Israeli Government Encourages Field Executions

November 26, 2015 11:43 PM IMEMC & Agencies Human rights, Israel, News Report 0

Israeli human rights center, B’Tselem, is holding PM Benjamin Netanyahu’s government responsible for the committing of field executions against Palestinians by both Israeli forces and civilians. The director general of the center, Hagai Elad, said that the Israeli government encouraged Israeli forces to act as judge or executioner and to […]

24 Nov

WAFA and B’Tselem Correspondents Assaulted in Hebron

November 24, 2015 11:11 PM IMEMC & Agencies Hebron, Israeli attacks, News Report 0

Israeli forces manning a military checkpoint, set up near al-Ibrahimi mosque in Hebron, assaulted two correspondents working for WAFA news agency and B’Tselem, the Israeli human rights center.WAFA correspondent, Jwed Tamimi, and B’Tselem correspondent, Manal Da’na, were both assaulted and roughly handled by Israeli soldiers after they crossed through a […]

22 Sep

B’Tselem on the Legal Impact of Using Five Fire Against Stone-throwers

September 22, 2015 12:52 AM IMEMC & Agencies Israeli attacks, News Report, West Bank 0

The approval of authorizing the use of live fire against stone-throwers in occupied East Jerusalem, rather than restoring order to the city, would exacerbate the cycle of violence with lethal results, B’Tselem reported.In a report published on Monday, B’Tselem expected that Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein’s approval would not have the […]

02 Feb

Hit and Run on B’Tselem Photographer in Hebron

February 2, 2015 12:44 AM IMEMC & Agencies Hebron, Israeli attacks, News Report 0

An Israeli settler ran over a photographer for B’Tselem Israeli human rights group, near the Ibrahimi Mosque in Hebron, at noon on Sunday.According to the PNN, sources said that Ra’ed Abu Rmaileh was injured and sustained contusions above the knee, and was moved to Al-Khalil governmental hospital, after an Israeli […]

02 Jan

B’Tselem: ‘Israel Demolished 188 Homes In 2014’

January 2, 2015 9:40 AM Saed Bannoura Human rights, News Report, Palestine 0

The Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories (B’Tselem) has reported that the Israeli authorities demolished, in the year 2014, 188 Palestinian homes in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, rendering 882 persons, including 463 children, homeless.B’Tselem said the “Civil Administration” office, run by the military in […]

16 Jul

B’Tselem: Israel Failed to Provide Connection between Targets and Military Activity

Israeli human rights organization B’Tselem has issued an information sheet stating that the interpretation presented by the Israeli forces spokesperson — that it is enough for a person to be involved in a military activity to render his home and his neighbors’ homes legitimate military targets without having to prove […]

12 Nov

B’Tselem Investigation finds illegal use of force by Israeli troops in killing of young man

November 12, 2013 1:48 PM IMEMC & Agencies Israeli attacks, Jenin, News Report 0

A young Palestinian, Ahmad Tazaz’ah, was killed by Israeli troops on October 31st in Qabatiya, south of Jenin. While the Israeli military has claimed that Tazaz’ah was not killed by Israeli forces, but had been previously killed in internal clashes between Palestinian factions, the extensive investigation by B’Tselem including both […]

20 Apr

B’Tselem Release New Video of Attacks Against Activists

Further evidence has emerged Thursday following the suspension of Israeli military officer, Shalom Eisner, countering statements made by the officer. Footage was released showing Eisner striking a Danish activist with the butt of his rifle. Furthermore, reports stated that other civilians at the protest had been injured due to the […]

13 Sep

B’Tselem: Army Denies Palestinians Right To Protest In WB

September 13, 2011 3:18 AM George Rishmawi Human rights, News Report, Palestine 0

The Israeli human rights organizastion B’Tselem have stated that the Israeli military denies Palestinians the right to protest in the West Bank.A report published by the group on Monday, titled ‘Show of Force’ says that Israel does not recognize the ‘basic right’ of Palestinians to protest and responds to demonstrations […]

18 Jul

B’Tselem: Rights Of Palestinian Minors Being Abused

Israeli human rights groupB’Tselem released a report Monday on the findings of a investigation into the arrest, detention and interrogation of 50 Palestinian minors detained by Israeli military forces for throwing stones. The investigation shows a pattern of consistent abuse of the rights of minors both under Israeli and international […]

22 Jun

B’Tselem Show Increase In Israeli Residential Demolitions In the West Bank. Many In The Last Week.

June 22, 2011 11:42 PM IMEMC & Agencies Human rights, News Report, Palestine 0

Israeli human rights organization, B’Tselem, has released figures showing a steep rise in the number of Israeli housing demolitions in the West Bank compared to 2010 and 2009. According to B’Tselem 103 residential structures in Area C, most of them tents, huts, and tin shacks, in which 706 persons lived […]

13 May

Extensive Human Rights Abuses noted in B’Tselem report

A report from Israeli human rights organization B’Tselem was released Thursday documenting the extensive abuse of power by the occupying Israeli military in the Jordan Valley and Dead Sea area of the West Bank. The area is the most natural resource dense part of the West Bank and is the […]

05 Jul

B’Tselem: ‘niño palestino abusado durante su detención y tortura durante los interrogatorios’

July 5, 2008 9:02 AM Saed Bannoura News Report 0

El Centro de Información Israelí para los Derechos Humanos en los Territorios Ocupados (B’Tselem), informó que un niño palestino fue torturado por soldados israelíes mientras le detenían y que también fue torturado en una cárcel israelí durante los interrogatorios. El niño, Majid Jaradat, de 13 años, fue secuestrado por el […]

28 Jun

B’Tselem report: “Soldier assaults B’Tselem worker filming settler violence, takes the cassette”

June 28, 2008 9:07 AM Saed Bannoura Hebron, Israeli attacks, News Report 0

The Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories (B’Tselem) issued a report stating that an Israeli soldier assaulted one of its coordinators while filming Israeli settlers abusing Palestinian shepherds in the southern West Bank city of Hebron. “On Friday, 20 June 2008, around 6:20 P.M., Nasser a-Nawaj’ah, […]

28 Jun

Informe B’Tselem:Un Soldado arremete contra un trabajador de B’Tselem que filmaba acciones violentas

June 28, 2008 9:07 AM Saed Bannoura News Report 0

El Centro de Información Israelí para los Derechos Humanos en los Territorios Ocupados (B’Tselem) emitió un informe que indica que un soldado israelí asaltó a uno de sus coordinadores cuando este grababa los abusos de unos colonos israelíes a unos pastores palestinos en la ciudad de Hebrón. ‘El viernes 20 […]

01 May

B’Tselem exige una investigación penal en el asesinato de 5 miembros de una misma familia en Gaza

May 1, 2008 6:57 AM Saed Bannoura News Report 0

El Centro de Información Israelí para los Derechos Humanos en los Territorios Ocupados (B’Tselem) exigió al magistrado del ejército israelí abrir una investigación penal sobre las circunstancias que llevaron a la muerte de los cinco miembros de la familia Al Mo’attiq en Beit Hanoun, al norte de la Franja de […]

24 Jan

Soldiers assault and arrest B’Tselem worker in Hebron

January 24, 2008 11:36 AM IMEMC & Agencies Hebron, Israeli attacks, News Report 0

Soldiers assaulted and arrested Issa ‘Amro, a B'Tselem fieldworker, in Hebron on January 19. ‘Amro was arrested while filming a disturbance by settlers in the Wadi Hsein neighborhood in East Hebron.Yesterday evening (January 19), a group of settlers began throwing stones at a Palestinian home and trying to forcefully enter […]

14 Nov

B’Tselem: “Grave suspicion of extrajudicial execution of two wounded Palestinians, 8 Nov. 06”

November 14, 2006 10:10 PM IMEMC & Agencies Israeli attacks, News Report, Palestine 0

On November 8, 2006 at around 2:00 am, under-cover units of the Israeli army shot and killed five Palestinians in Al Yamoun village, near Jenin, in the northern part of the West Bank. The Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories (B'Tselem) investigated the death of two […]

13 Sep

B’Tselem: Israeli military police to investigate recent cases of abuse against Palestinians`

September 13, 2006 8:10 PM IMEMC & Agencies Miscellaneous, News Report, Palestine 0

Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories (B'Tselem), reported that the Military Police will investigate eight cases in which Palestinians filed complaints that soldiers beat and abused them. An attorney of the General Command of the Israeli Army told B'Tselem that the cases were transferred to the […]

21 Aug

B’Tselem report: `“Beatings and abuse in the shadow of war`

According to B’Tselem’s (The Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Terretories) research, since the beginning of Operation Summer Rains in the Gaza Strip, on 28 June 2006, there has been a substantial increase in cases in which Israeli soldiers and Border Police in the West Bank beat, […]

15 Aug

Perpetual Limbo: Report of B’Tselem and HaMoked

Today, B’Tselem and HaMoked: Center for the Defence of the Individual, are publishing Perpetual Limbo , a report on ‘s policy freezing family unification for Palestinians in the Occupied Territories . Although the policy affects almost every Palestinian family living in the Occupied Territories , it is unknown to the […]

03 Aug

B’Tselem Report: Almost Half the Palestinian Fatalities in July were Civilians

August 3, 2006 8:26 PM IMEMC & Agencies Israel, Israeli attacks, News Report 0

According to a B’Tselem (The Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories) report issued Thursday, the Israeli military killed 163 Palestinians in Gaza in July, 78 of whom (48 percent) were not fighters of members of resistance factions.  Thirty-six of the fatalities were minors, and 20 were […]

21 Jul

Israeli Soldiers use civilians as Human Shields in Beit Hanun:B’Tselem Report

B’Tselem’s (The Israeli Information Centre for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories) initial investigation indicates that, during an incursion by Israeli forces into Beit Hanun, in the northern Gaza Strip, on 17 July 2006, soldiers seized control of two buildings in the town and used residents as human shield. After […]

01 Jun

B’Tselem: `“Soldiers shot to death ‘Itaf Zalat, 43, in her living room, Tulkarm, May 2006`

In the early morning hours of 1 May 2006, soldiers from the "Duvdevan" undercover unit carried out an operation to arrest a wanted person in the Thannaba neighborhood of Tulkarm. During the operation, the soldiers fired at the second floor of a residential building in the neighborhood, killing ‘Itaf Zalat, […]

17 Mar

B’Tselem and PHR: `“Parading of Naked Prisoners in Jericho Violated International Law`

The Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories, B’Tselem, and Physicians for Human Rights, in Israel (PHR), wrote on Thursday to the Israeli army Judge Advocate General, and demanded the Police to  investigate the violation of the dignity of the detainees in the Israeli military operation in […]

21 Feb

B’Tselem: `“Israel constructs the Wall to enable settlement expansion`

February 21, 2006 10:36 PM IMEMC & Agencies Israeli Settlement, News Report, Palestine 0

The Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories, B’Tselem, reported that Israel is constructing the Separation Wall in the West Bank under the guise of Security, and that the routing of the Wall is made to enable Israeli settlement expansion in the West Bank.B’Tselem said that the […]

21 Feb

B’Tselem: `“Israeli constructs the Wall to enable settlement expansion`

February 21, 2006 10:29 PM IMEMC & Agencies Israeli Settlement, News Report, Palestine 0

from each other and from their orchards, was and remains the main cause of human rights violations of Palestinians living near the Wall.The Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories, B’Tselem, reported that Israel is constructing the Separation Wall in the West Bank under the guise of […]

27 Jan

B’Tselem launches advertisement campaign against Wall route

January 27, 2006 5:24 PM IMEMC & Agencies Israeli attacks, News brief, Palestine 0

The Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the occupied Territories, B’Tselem, launched on Friday morning a campaign against the route of the Separation Wall   The Wall aims to expand Israeli controlled areas by annexing Israeli settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem in the Wall under pretext […]

04 Jan

B’Tselem: ‘3386 Palestinians killed since September 2000’

January 4, 2006 11:51 PM IMEMC & Agencies Miscellaneous, News Report, Palestine 0

The Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories (B’Tselem), reported that Israeli soldiers killed 197 residents in 2005, raising the number of residents killed since the outbreak of Al Aqsa Intifada late September 2000 to 3386. According to B’Tselem report, 992 Israelis were killed since the outbreak […]

04 Jan

B’Tselem says Israeli ‘death’ zone in Gaza is illegal

January 4, 2006 5:28 PM IMEMC & Agencies Israel, Israeli Politics, News Report 0

The Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories, B’Tselem, said the Israeli orders to automatically shoot at anyone in the "buffer zone" in northern Gaza is a flagrant violation of international human rights laws in times of war. At the core of this is the principle of […]

29 Mar

B’Tselem: `“Israel is strangling the Gaza Strip`

The Israeli information center for human rights in the occupied territories, B’Tselem, reported that the Israeli army is strangling the Gaza Strip, describing it as the “One Big Prison”. A report entitled “One Big Prison” reports several Israeli violations to human rights and the international law, in the occupied Gaza […]

26 Nov

Navy Opens Fire on Palestinian Fishermen

Israeli naval forces, on Sunday, opened fire at Palestinian fishermen off the coast of the besieged Gaza Strip. Locals told Ma’an News Agency that Israeli naval forces repeatedly opened heavy fire towards Palestinian fishermen in southern and northern Gaza, forcing fishing boats to sail back to shore. No injuries were […]

23 Nov

How Can Gaza’s Contaminated Water Catastrophe Be Solved?

by Sandy Tolan Since the 2014 war, Mousa Hillah, known to neighbours and family as Abu Ali, has had far bigger worries, which are etched deeply into the exhausted face of the 48-year-old grandfather. Dodging shell fire from Israeli tanks, he fled with his family from the destruction of his Shuja’eyya neighbourhood, flattened by Israel in an attack so devastating […]

04 Nov

Shops & Streets Forced to Close in Hebron City

Israeli forces sealed off the Bab al-Zawiya area, Beersheba Street and al-Shuhada Street, in the southern occupied West Bank city of Hebron, on Sunday. According to local sources, large numbers of Israeli forces were deployed across Hebron City to seal off various streets, went up the rooftops of several buildings […]

02 Nov

Palestinians Suffer Tear-gas Inhalation during March at Kafr Qaddoum

A number of Palestinians and international peace activists were injured by Israeli forces during the weekly anti-settlement march, on Friday afternoon, in the village of Kafr Qaddoum, in the northern occupied West Bank district of Qalqilia. Coordinator of a local popular committee of Kafr Qaddoum, Murad Ishteiwi, said that dozens […]

31 Oct

Israeli Settlers Attack Olive Harvest in Hebron

A group of Israeli settlers attacked Palestinian olive-pickers in the Tel Rumeida area of Hebron City, in the southern occupied West Bank, on Tuesday, and attempted to prevent them from picking olives in their lands, adjacent to the illegal Israeli settlement of Ramat Yishai. The lands belong to local Muhammad […]

24 Oct

Updated: Israeli Navy Opens Fire At Fishing Boats, Abducts Four Fishermen In Gaza

The Al-Mezan Center for Human Rights issued a statement strongly condemning the ongoing Israeli violations against the Palestinian fishermen, and the illegal confiscation of their boats, and called for the release of four fishermen, who were taken prisoner by the navy, on Tuesday, in two separate attacks. Al-Mezan said its […]

20 Oct

Settlers Steal Palestinian Olive Harvest in Nablus

Israeli settlers attacked Palestinian farmers and olive harvesters in Burin village, southern occupied Nablus City, on Saturday. WAFA reported that a group of Israeli settlers threw rocks at Palestinian farmers while they were picking olives on their lands, in an attempt to force them to leave. Witnesses said that farmers […]

12 Oct

Jordan Valley Village Sealed Off by Israeli Forces

Israeli occupation forces, on Friday, sealed all roads leading to the village of Hadidia, in the northern Jordan Valley region of the occupied West Bank, according to local sources. Aref Daraghmeh, a local human rights activist, told WAFA that Israeli forces closed all roads leading to the village and prevented […]

11 Oct

Housing Structures Demolished in Jordan Valley

Israeli forces demolished Palestinian-owned housing structures, along with steel structures used for housing sheep, on Thursday, in the northern Jordan Valley. According to Ma’an, the demolition was carried out under the pretext that the structures were built without the nearly impossible-to-obtain Israeli building permit. The demolished structures belonged to Amer […]

03 Oct

Settlers Uproot Dozens of Olive Trees in West Bank Village

Israeli settlers uprooted dozens of Palestinian-owned olive trees on Wednesday, in the village of Turmusayya, north of the central occupied West Bank district of Ramallah. Locals said that Israeli settlers from the illegal settlements of Adi Ad and Amichai, which were built on lands belongings to the residents of Turmusayya […]

28 Sep

3-Month-Old Baby Injured at Kufur Qaddoum

A 3-month-old baby was reportedly among several Palestinians injured by Israeli forces suppressing the weekly peaceful anti-settlement procession, on Friday, in the Kufur Qaddoum village of the northern occupied West Bank district of Qalqilia. Coordinator of the popular resistance committee in Kafr Qaddoum, Morad Eshteiwi, said that Israeli forces raided […]

09 Sep

Israeli Settlers and Soldiers Conduct Joint Assaults on Palestinian Village

Israeli soldiers are joining colonialist settlers in attacks on a Palestinian village in the occupied West Bank, according to human rights NGO B’Tselem. The village of ‘Urif, which is located near Nablus, lies in close proximity to the notorious settlement of Yitzhar, established in 1983. All Israeli settlements are illegal under […]

28 Aug

VIDEO: Palestinians Assaulted as Israel Razes Lands

Five Palestinians were injured and three others were detained by Israeli forces on Tuesday, in the village of Ras Karkar in the central occupied West Bank district of Ramallah. Locals said, according to Ma’an News Agency, that Israeli forces stormed Ras Karkar village escorting bulldozers, and began to raze agricultural […]

17 Aug

Weekly Kafr Qaddoum Protest Violently Suppressed by Israeli Forces

Dozens of Palestinians suffered the effects of tear-gas inhalation, as Israeli forces suppressed the weekly Kafr Qaddoum march in the northern West Bank district of Qalqilia, on Friday afternoon. Coordinator of the local popular committee of Kafr Qaddoum, Murad Ishteiwi, said that Israeli forces showered protesters with tear-gas bombs, in […]

15 Aug

Israel Open Fire on Fishermen, Detains Merchant at Crossing

Israeli naval forces opened fire on Palestinian fishing boats off the coast of the northern Gaza Strip, on Wednesday morning. Locals said that Israeli war boats were seen and heard opening fire at Gazan fishermen as they were working withing the permitted fishing zone. No injuries were reported, according to […]

03 Aug

Israeli Settlers Vandalize Palestinian Cars in West Bank Village

Israeli settlers vandalized  nearly a dozen Palestinian vehicles on Thursday, in the Ein Yabrud village, east of the central occupied West Bank district of Ramallah. Locals told Ma’an NEws Agency that Israeli forces stormed the village escorting a number of Israeli settlers who vandalized several Palestinian-owned vehicles and spray painted […]

30 Jul

Settlers Vandalize Ramallah-area Village

Israeli settlers vandalized Palestinian property in the village of al-Mughayyir, in the central occupied West Bank district of Ramallah, on Monday. Al-Mughayyir Mayor Amin Abu Alia said that Israeli settlers stormed the village predawn, on Monday, slashed tires of eight Palestinian-owned vehicles and sprayed racist, anti-Palestinian graffiti on the walls […]

28 Jul

Israel Seizes 68 Dunams of Jordan Valley Lands

Israeli authorities officially declared, on Saturday, the confiscation of 68 dunams of land from the Ras al-Ahmar area of the Jordan Valley, northern occupied West Bank. Local official Mutaz Bisharat told Ma’an News Agency that Israeli forces delivered notices, to the Palestinian owners of the land, declaring the confiscation of […]

26 Jul

Israeli Forces Demolish Water Pipeline in Jordan Valley Village

Israeli bulldozers destroyed a water pipeline supplying the northern Jordan Valley village of Ras al-Ahmar with fresh drinking water, before dawn on Wednesday. According to a local official, Mutaz Bisharat, four Israeli bulldozers raided the Ras al-Ahmar village, along with seven Israeli military jeeps, and began to destroy the pipeline. […]

Soldiers cheer while shooting civilians (image from B'Tselem video)
25 Apr

Video: Soldiers Laugh and Cheer While Shooting at Palestinian Civilians

A new video released by the Israeli human rights group B’Tselem shows a group of Israeli soldiers laughing and cheering as they shoot at Palestinian villagers from Madama, in the northern part of the West Bank, as they try to remove a barrier placed by the Israeli military in the […]

01 Apr

Israeli Military Admits Massacre of Unarmed Gaza Protesters Was Intentional – then Deletes Tweets

By Ben Norton   The Israeli military has admitted that its bloody crackdown on unarmed Palestinian protesters was “accurate and measured.” The Israel Defense Forces, which shot 773 Gazans with live ammunition, likewise said, “we know where every bullet landed.”   Israel’s military made this admission in posts on Twitter, […]

15 Mar

Olive and Grape Trees to be Uprooted to Pave Settler-only Road near Bethlehem

Israeli authorities reportedly issued notices, on Wednesday, informing Palestinian residents of the southern occupied West Bank town of al-Khader, in the Bethlehem district, of their intentions to uproot olive trees in order to pave a settler-only road in the area. Official Palestinian Authority (PA)-owned WAFA news agency reported, according to […]

06 Mar

Settler Attempts to Run Over Palestinian Human Rights Defender

An Israeli settler, on Tuesday, attempted to run over a Palestinian human rights defender while he was on his way home to Tel al-Ramida, in Hebron. The human rights defender, Imad Abu Shamsiyya, said ‘the extremist Israeli settler Ofer Hanna, who regularly intimidates peaceful Palestinian demonstrations, attempted to run him […]

01 Mar

B’Tselem: New Video Footage Shows Israeli Soldiers Shooting and Beating Palestinian to Death

On the night of 22 February, 2018, about 20 Israeli soldiers entered Jericho city as part of a raid and arrest campaign, where they entered a home and searched it while other soldiers waited at the entrance to the alley where the house was located. According to the PNN, the […]

19 Feb

B’Tselem Report: Israeli Army Releasing Dutch Attack Dogs on Palestinian Civilians

A report by the Israeli rights group, B’Tselem said that the Israeli army has been illegally using force following the killing of an Israeli rabbi last month, during Israeli raids on the West Bank. The report noted that Israeli use of Dutch army dogs caused the injury of three Palestinians, […]

01 Feb

Made in Israel: Exploiting Palestinian Land for Treatment of Israeli Waste

Summary, December 2017 – B’Tselem Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories  Power disparities between populations are among the chief factors that determine who will have better access to resources and who will suffer from greater exposure to waste and hazardous materials. The State of Israel is a developed […]

23 Dec

Family Destroys Jerusalem Home to Avoid Demolition Fees

Photo: An Israeli soldier stands guard as an army bulldozer with a demolition permit pulls down the house of a Palestinian family near the West Bank town of Hebron (AFP/Hazem Bader) A Palestinian family in occupied East Jerusalem was forced to tear down their own home on Saturday, to avoid […]

09 Nov

Israeli Settlers Injure Civilians near Nablus

A Palestinian farmer and his wife were injured on Wednesday, when a group of illegal Israeli settlers assaulted them near the village of Urif, to the south of Nablus, occupied West Bank. Ghassan Daghlas, who monitors settlement activities in the area, told WAFA that settlers from the illegal Yitzhar settlement, […]

26 Sep

B’Tselem: Israel To Commit War Crime Against West Bank Villagers

Israeli rights group B’Tselem said, on Monday afternoon, that Israeli government is to commit war crimes against Palestinian villagers in Khan al-Ahmar. B’Tselem Executive Director Hagai el-Ad said, according to Days of Palestine: “Following the state’s response submitted earlier today to the [Israeli] High Court of Justice, that the state was […]

13 Sep

Cattle and Water Tanks Seized from Jordan Valley Community

Israeli authorities, on Tuesday, confiscated a number of cattle and water tanks belonging to Palestinians in the village of Um al-Ubor, in the Jordan Valley region of the West Bank, according to local sources. Aref Daraghmeh, who monitors Israeli settlement activities in the area, told WAFA that staff from the […]

31 Aug

Israeli Settlers Threaten Palestinian Woman with Sexual Assault (VIDEO)

Israeli rights group B’Tselem released a video today showing a group of settlers from Israel’s illegal Kiryat Arba settlement, in the southern occupied West Bank district of Hebron, hurling abuse through a loudspeaker at Palestinians in the area. In the presence of Israeli soldiers and police, settlers used a loudspeaker […]

19 Aug

Israeli Forces Terrorize Jerusalem Hospital (VIDEO)

This video shows Israeli occupation forces bringing terror and violence inside East Jerusalem’s Al-Makassed hospital. At one point, Israeli occupation forces tried to seize a critically wounded man who was being taken to surgery. The video shows medics and civilians attempting to protect the man, Muhammad Abu Ghanam, from being […]

Map of South Hebron Hills showing path of Wall (image from UN)
03 Aug

Israeli construction of southern section of Annexation Wall completed

A 26-mile stretch of Wall, 20-feet high and made from cement, has been completed in the South Hebron Hills, in the southern part of the West Bank, according to Israeli sources. This section of Wall divides the southern part of the West Bank and cements the illegally established settlements put […]

18 Jul

Al Mezan Joint Press Release: Zero Accountability

In July 2014, Israel began a military assault on the Gaza Strip, including an indiscriminate bombing campaign and a brutal ground invasion. In total, the assault killed 1,545 Palestinian civilians, including 556 children, and made 11,166 families homeless. Three years on, no justice has been attained for victims and survivors […]

15 Jul

Ali Abunimah: Gaza Crisis, Global Silence

After 10 years of Israeli siege, the UN warns Gaza is becoming ‘unlivable.’ Ali Abunimah of The Electronic Intifada says Israel, with the Palestinian Authority’s help, is responsible for the crisis, as most of the world looks on in silence. Ali Abunimah is co-founder of the award-winning online publication The Electronic […]

10 May

Army Demolishes Structures in Jordan Valley

Israeli authorities demolished four structures in the village of al-Jiftlik, in the occupied West Bank district of Jericho, on Tuesday morning. Residents of the village, which is located in the Jordan Valley region, said that Israeli bulldozers under military protection demolished two makeshift homes and two barns belonging to Najih […]

26 Mar

VIDEO: Israeli Soldiers Harass and Assault West Bank Palestinian Girls

Israeli forces were recently caught harassing and assaulting Palestinian girls as they were watching clashes between children and Israeli soldiers in the occupied West Bank. Israeli human rights group B’Tselem published a video, last week, showing the Israeli occupation soldiers also trying to kidnap one of the Palestinian girls. B’Tselem said, […]

14 Mar

B’Tselem Detainee: ‘6 days in Israeli jail and no questioning, as usual’

Israeli rights group B’Tselem said, on Tuesday, that the Israeli occupation forces kidnapped one of its volunteers, kept him in jails for six days without any reason. B’Tselem said, in a report about the incident: “On Friday as 4pm, about 20 to 30 residents form the village of Madma in […]

15 Feb

2016 Sees Israel Demolish Record Number Of West Bank Palestinian Homes

Report By B’Tselem – The Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories — 2016 saw a marked increase in the number of homes Israeli authorities demolished throughout the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, citing lack of building permits as a pretext. The scale of demolitions documented by B’Tselem […]

06 Feb

B’Tselem: Slain Palestinian Youth Posed No Danger

Two months ago, an Israeli soldier shot and killed a 19-year-old Palestinian youth. B’Tselem’s investigation shows that, contrary to the military’s claim, the Palestinian and his friends did not pose any danger to the forces. According to the report issued by B’Tselem , on 22 December, 2016, an Israeli soldier shot […]

31 Jan

Eviction of ِAmona Illegal Ourpost Ordered within 48 Hours

Israeli authorities, on Tuesday, ordered the eviction of the illegal Amona Israeli colonialist outpost within 48 hours, in preparation to demolish it by Febrary 8. Amona, located near the West Bank city of Ramallah, was built on privately-owned Palestinian land, where 40 settler families are currently living. The court ruling came […]

28 Dec

Committee Cancels Vote to Approve East Jerusalem Settlements

Israel’s Jerusalem municipality has reportedly cancelled plans to vote on approving the construction of new Israeli settlement units, in occupied East Jerusalem, that were initially put forward to defy a new United Nations Security Council resolution, which has reaffirmed that Israeli settlements in the occupied Palestinian territory are illegal under international […]

20 Dec

Batan al-Hawa neighborhood, Silwan: The next target for “Judaization” of East Jerusalem

Report By B’Tselem – The Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories: The Batan al-Hawa neighborhood, in the heart of Silwan, is the setting for the most extensive expulsion in recent years in East Jerusalem. To date, eviction claims have been filed against 81 Palestinian families that […]

08 Dec

Jordan Valley: Residents of Ras al-Ahmar Told They Can’t Have Power Lines

Israeli authorities ordered Palestinian residents of Ras al-Ahmar locality, in the northern Jordan Valley, not to build power lines in their area, a local official said. Mu’taz Bsharat, who monitors settlement activities in the area, told WAFA correspondence that Israeli troops served locals with an order to stop the construction of […]

Maram and her brother Ibrahim
27 Oct

Israeli Border Guards Who Killed Pregnant Palestinian Mom & Her Brother Will Not Be Charged

In April 2016, a 16-year old boy and his 23-year old pregnant sister were shot and killed near the largest Israeli checkpoint in the West Bank, Qalandia. The two Israeli border guards who killed the two family members have faced no charges or discipline, and now, Israeli prosecutors have officially […]

19 Oct

Settlers Erect Tents in Hebron, Force Out Shepherds

Dozens of Israeli settlers, on Sunday erected tents on Palestinian land located to the east of the town of Idhna, south of Hebron, chased Palestinian shepherds out and prevented them from grazing their livestock in the area, according to local sources. Sources told WAFA correspondence that settlers erected three tents […]

09 Sep

Israeli Soldiers Kill A Palestinian Teen In Central Gaza

September 9, 2016 11:38 PM IMEMC News Gaza City, Gaza Strip, Israeli attacks, News Report 0

Israeli soldiers, stationed across the border fence, shot and killed on Friday, a Palestinian teen, east of the al-Boreij refugee camp, in central Gaza, and injured another in northern Gaza. Dr. Ashraf Al-Qedra, the spokesperson of the Palestinian Health Ministry in Gaza, said the soldiers shot Abdul-Rahman Ahmad Dabbagh, 17, […]

27 Aug

Report: 750 Palestinians Held Without Charge or Trial in Israeli Prisons

August 27, 2016 10:57 PM IMEMC News & Agencies Israel, News Report, Prisoners 0

The Palestinian Detainees and Ex-Detainees Affairs Commission said that at least 750 Palestinians are currently being held without charge or trial in Israeli detention facilities. The commission said, in  a press statement, that the Israeli government continues to violate the Fourth Geneva Conventions related to administrative detention, an archaic Israeli […]

04 Aug

VIDEO: 2016 Spike in Home Demolitions

via the Alternative Information Center, Beit Sahour. According to B’Tselem — the Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories — Israeli authorities demolished more homes in Palestinian communities during the first six months of 2016 than in all of 2015. From January to July in 2016, Israel […]

12 Jul

Israeli Settler State Created in West Bank, East Jerusalem: REPORT

Recent statistics have revealed that the number of demolitions and confiscations by Israel in the West Bank and East Jerusalem in 2016 have increased by 450%, in comparison to 2015, signaling a covert attempt to establish a state for Israeli settlers in the Palestinian state. Since the signing of the […]

07 Jul

Israeli Commander: Soldier Unjustified in Hebron Execution

An Israeli army commander testified on Wednesday, in the ongoing trial of Elor Azaria, an Israeli soldier accused of shooting and killing a prone Palestinian in Hebron, in March, saying that there was no justification for the shooting, which has been labeled by the UN as an “extrajudicial execution.” Col. […]

01 Jul

Hebron City under Blockade, Escalation

The entire city of Hebron was placed under a general closure, on Friday, while transfers of tax collected by Israel on behalf of the Palestinians were also cut, following a series of deadly incidents that left three Palestinians and two Israelis killed in two days. An Israeli army spokesperson told […]

30 Jun

Ki-moon: “Israeli Settlements Are Illegal, A Serious Threat To A Viable Palestinian State”

U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon stated, Wednesday, that Israel’s settlement activities in the occupied West Bank, and occupied East Jerusalem, are illegal under International Law, and pose a serious threat to prospects of establishing a viable, independent, Palestinian state. His statements came in a message delivered by Michael Moeller, Director-General of […]

Couple with different ID cards (image by PNN)
18 Jun

Israel plans to extend 13-year old ‘temporary’ law that has left 247 Palestinian children with no legal status

A committee of the Israeli Knesset is discussing the extension, for another year, of a 13-year old law that has been extended each year as a ‘temporary’ measure. The law prohibits nearly 10,000 Palestinian residents of Israel, including 247 children, from having a legal residency status. The Citizenship and Entry […]

09 Jun

Settlers Graffiti Anti-Arab Slogans near Jerusalem

Extremist Israeli settlers, on Thursday, spray-painted racist graffiti on the walls of an Arab village known as Abu Ghoush, to the northwest of Jerusalem, according to WAFA sources. The painted graffiti included racist slogans, such as “Death to Arabs” and “Price Tag”. According to B’Tselem, an Israeli human rights organization, […]

Ramzi al-Qasrawi after he was killed (image from video by B'Tselem)
07 Jun

Israeli human rights organization says evidence of second execution in March incident

The Israeli Information Center on Human Rights in the Occupied Territories, B’Tselem, issued a press release Monday stating that a second Palestinian was executed in Hebron on March 24th, in addition to Abdul-Fattah Sharif. Sharif’s case made international headlines because video of his execution, while he was lying wounded on […]

25 May

Israeli human rights organization stops working with military; says “We won’t be used to whitewash”

The Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories, B’Tselem, announced Wednesday that they will stop working with the Israeli military law enforcement unit, which is supposed to handle complaints filed against soldiers for harm caused to Palestinians in the West Bank, but which, according to B’Tselem, is […]

Videographer attacked in Hebron (image from video by B'Tselem)
09 May

VIDEO: Palestinian videographer assaulted by Israeli settlers

A new video published by the Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories shows a Palestinian videographer assaulted by Israeli settlers, causing head injuries, while Israeli soldiers watched, doing nothing to intervene. A press release from B’TSelem about the incident reads as follows:  On 4 May 2016, […]

15 Apr

Cremisan: EU Raises Joint Concern over Israel’s Renewed Construction of Apartheid Wall

The EU mission in the occupied West Bank, on Friday, said they were “deeply concerned” at Israel’s renewed construction of the apartheid wall in Bethlehem’s Cremisan Valley. The mission said that once finished, the wall will severely restrict access by nearly 60 Palestinian families to their agricultural land, likely devastating their […]

09 Apr

France Calls for Construction Halt on Cremisan Apartheid Wall

The French Foreign Ministry has called on Israel to halt renewed construction of the Israeli separation wall in the southern occupied West Bank’s Cremisan Valley, according to a statement published Friday. “France is concerned by the Israeli authorities’ resumption of construction of the separation wall in the historical Cremisan Valley, […]

28 Mar

Raid on Negev Slaughterhouse, Undocumented Palestinian Workers Expelled

Monday, at dawn, Israeli police raided a chicken slaughterhouse in the Bedouin town of Shaqib al-Salam, in the southern Israel region of Negev, and rounded up scores of Palestinians from the West Bank who were working without permits.One of the workers told Ma’an News Agency that around 100 Israeli police […]

27 Mar

Videographer who filmed execution of Palestinian receives death threats from Israeli settlers

March 27, 2016 2:56 PM Celine Hagbard Hebron, Human rights, News Report 2

A Palestinian videographer and human rights worker whose video of the murder of a 21-year old Palestinian by an Israeli soldier has received widespread attention has received a number of death threats, as well as gatherings outside his home of Israeli settlers threatening to harm him, and has been told […]