Protetests Announced For Naksa Day

01 Jun
7:14 PM

Refugees are preparing for a second display of mass civil disobedience on June 5th as part of commemorations of ā€œNaksa Dayā€. Palestinian refugees plan to once again gather at Israelā€™s borders between Syria and Lebanon in a repeat of actions taken on Nakba Day of this year.Social networking pages such as Facebook and Twitter have hosted calls for Palestinian refugees to use momentum gained from this yearā€™s Nakba protests to march again to Israeli borders in the region.

Fatah official in Eil Hilweeh refugee camp in Lebanon, Muneer Maqda, has said that 50,000 Palestinian refugees will march on Israelā€™s borders from two separate locations, Maron Ar-Ras and Naqoura, according to Maan News Agency. The refugees will erect tents until they are granted their right of return to their homes in Lebanon, the official added.

There are expected to be solidarity marches within the West Bank and Gaza as well as around the world.

The refugees are seeking to return to the homes they were ejected from in 1948 and 1967 during Israelā€™s foundation and expansion. International law recognises Palestinianā€™s right of return however Israel has continuously refused to allow those that left to return to their properties.

Naksa, or ā€œthe setbackā€, marks the forcible expulsion of 100,000 to 250,000 refugees from what is now Israel during the 1967 war. It is normally commemorated on Nakba Day on May 15th however this year Palestinian activists are using the occasion to build on recent events in the region and in the Territories where the two main political parties, Fatah and Hamas, have recently signed a unity deal.

16 people were killed by live Israeli fire during marches on Nakba Day this year.

Many commentators view current events as a ā€œThird Palestinian Intifadaā€, the result of the regions ā€œArab Springā€ uprising spreading to Palestine and Palestinian refugees.

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