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Hamas and Fatah Working Towards Gaza Elections

author Tuesday May 29, 2012 13:17author by Sarah Snobar - IMEMC & agencies Report post

The Central Elections Commission (CEC) has been granted permission on Monday to begin working in Gaza by the Hamas led government in order to prepare for elections. After years of rivalry, Hamas and Fatah are working together towards fresh elections that have been stalled for a number of years.

Fatah and Hamas logos
Fatah and Hamas logos

The division between the two groups has lasted five years, with Hamas governing Gaza while Fatah controlled the West Bank. Many hope that this division is coming to an end.

It has been reported that Abbas would lead members of a technocratic government that will oversee the election that will hopefully begin once the electoral register is updated in six weeks time.

The government that will oversee the elections will be agreed upon by President Abbas and Hamas leader, Khalid Mashaal and should be announced sometime next week. Such cooperation also gives hope of the end of the division between the two groups.

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