Army Invades Jenin

May 21, 2013 3:54 AM Saed Bannoura Israeli attacks, Jenin, News Report 0
21 May
3:54 AM

Monday at dawn, May 20 2013, Israeli soldiers, supported by armored jeeps, invaded the northern West Bank city of Jenin, and the Al-Yamoun nearby town, installed a number of roadblocks and interrogated several Palestinians.The army also handed two residents warrants ordering them to head to a nearby military base for interrogation.

Local sources reported that the soldiers invaded the Sabah El-Kheir neighborhood, in Jenin city, stopped and interrogated dozens of residents, while dozens of soldiers invaded the Jenin-Nazareth Road.

The sources added that the army also installed a military roadblock at the road that leads to the Al-Jalama military roadblock, and interrogated dozens of residents, including workers carrying work permits in Israel.

Furthermore, the army invaded the Al-Yamoun town, west of Jenin, and handed Tha’er Ali Zayed, 20, and Adib Mustafa Sammoudi, warrants ordering them to head to the Salem military and security base for interrogation.

Local sources said that the army and security officers recently handed similar orders to dozens of youths in the town.

Earlier on Monday at dawn, the army detained two Palestinians from Jenin while trying to cross the Al-Hamra roadblock, in the Northern Plains of the West Bank.

The two, identified as Majd Zahi As-Sa’dy and Nimir Hasan Shana’a, were detained and interrogated for several hours before the army released them.

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