Settlers Attack An Elderly Woman In Jerusalem

17 Jun
3:25 PM

Three Israeli settlers attacked [Sunday June 16] an elderly Palestinian woman in Deir Yassin area, in West Jerusalem. Medical sources said that Fathiyya Mohammad Ajaj, 75, was visiting her son, Abed, at a hospital in the area.

The woman left the hospital and was waiting for a car to take her home when three Israeli settlers beat, kicked and threw her onto the ground.

The settlers also shouted vulgar words at her, in addition to shouting ā€œdeath to Arabsā€, before tearing part of her dress off before she lost consciousness.

Later on, an Egged Israeli bus driver and two young men took her to her home in Jabal Al-Mokabbir, in East Jerusalem.

The woman then was moved to a local clinic. She later filed a complaint at a local Israeli Police station.

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Saed Bannoura

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