Army Offers Conditions for Removal of Hebron Restrictions

14 Aug
5:55 AM

Israeli forces, on Sunday, informed locals from three Hebron neighborhoods that they would remove the security restrictions if they ‚Äúbehave‚ÄĚ, via leaflets distributed in the area.

Conditions, according to the leaflets, will depend on ‚Äúthe population‚Äôs non-interference in terrorist operations and stone and Molotov throwing incidents.‚ÄĚ

PNN further reports that the restrictions included barring residents from work in Israel or obtaining permits to enter Israel for work, trade or any other activity.

The army is reportdely going to start on Tuesday morning, gradually removing ‚Äúsecurity restrictions‚ÄĚ placed on residents of three areas, which are:¬†Al-Mascobia, Al-Mahawer and Al-Salam Street, located in the southern West Bank city.

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