06 Jul
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via the Alternative Information Center, Beit Sahour.


Ramadan nights

Pictured here: A cell phone company sponsored a celebration for the kids of the old city this evening.

Jewish Israeli Settlers Protest

Pictured here: A group of Jewish settlers protested in Al-Sahleh area near the Ibrahimi Mosque, during the Muslim noon prayer, one day after a 13 years old girl settler was murdered by a Palestinian boy in the Kiryat Arba settlement.

Jewish Israeli Settlers Tour

Pictured here:  On Saturday July 2nd a Jewish settlers tour took place in the old city of Hebron, during the tours Palestinians freedom of movement is reduced by the settlers’ armed protection.

More Restrictions!

Pictured here: Israeli soldiers and Border Police target young men and women for ID checks, they ask the men to pull up their shirts and check women bags.

Asking for the bodies back!

Pictured here: A peaceful Palestinian protest took place in Iben Rushd area, demanding the release of the bodies of their beloved ones which have been held by the Israeli authorities for several months. 


The end of the Holy night!

Pictured here: Saturday 3:00 am while Palestinians were ending worship on the holiest night of Ramadan called (Laylat Al Qader) with prayers and reading from the Quran, clashes started between Palestinian young boys and Israeli soldiers.


Age limitations

Pictured here: On the last Friday of  Ramadan, the Israeli Border Police prevented Palestinian worshipers between 15-25 years old from reaching the Ibrahimi Mosque.  This young boy, and later on the young woman, in the picture were not allowed to pass. 




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