Thousands March in London against Balfour Declaration

05 Nov
11:12 PM

Thousands of pro-Palestinians marched through the streets of London on Saturday, to protest the centenary celebration of the Balfour Declaration that helped Jews to establish a national state in Palestine.

Protesters held signs reading ā€œFree Palestineā€ and “Justice for Palestine,ā€ while they chanted ā€œFree, Free Palestineā€ and ā€œOccupation No More.ā€

The protest came with the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visiting the UK to celebrate the 100th anniversary of then-foreign UK secretary Arthur Balfourā€™s promise of Londonā€™s support in the establishment of a Jewish homeland, at the expense of the Palestinians in Palestine.

According to Days of Palestine, several people in the crowd called for liberating the historic Palestinians as they chanted: ā€œFrom the river to the sea, Palestine will be free.ā€

British Prime Minister Theresa May has said the UK was ā€œproudā€ of its role in the creation of the Israeli occupation state, which has been inflicting oppression and suffering on Palestinians since before its creation.

May said it was a ā€œgreat pleasureā€ to host Netanyahu at 10 Downing Street, to commemorate the Balfour Declaration.

ā€œThe United Kingdom is proud of the role that we played in the establishment of the State of Israel and we are approaching this commemoration with respect and honour,ā€ she said.

Britainā€™s opposition leader,Ā Jeremy Corbyn, saidĀ the government should mark the Balfour Centenary by unilaterally recognising Palestine.

Addressing the protesters, Corbyn said: ā€œLetā€™s mark the Belfour Declaration by recognizing Palestineā€¦ We must increase the international pressure for the end of the Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories, illegal settlement expansion and of course the blockade of Gaza.ā€

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