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Yara Karmalawy (image by mondoweiss.net)
by Yara Karmalawy
I’ve spent my entire life hearing stories about Jerusalem and the beauty of my homeland from my mother and grandparents. I had always dreamed of one day being able to visit, and in the summer of 2012 it seemed that I would finally have that opportunity. In September of that year I started my travels with 30 peers on a student diplomatic trip through the Middle East. I knew that I would likely face some trouble at the Israeli borders due to my Palestinian background, however what I experienced turned out to be far more than just a little “trouble”. more >>
Dalu Family Children Killed By Israeli Shells - alresalah.ps
by Palestinian Center for Human Rights
14 November 2013, marks the first anniversary of the Israeli offensive on the Gaza Strip, codenamed “Operation Pillar of Defense,” which lasted for 8 days. more >>
by Yousef Munayyer
Childhood is a beautiful and strange thing. Before we truly learn how precious it is, it is already over. For many Palestinians living under Israeli military occupation childhood ends even earlier than you’d think. more >>
Tear gas spread throughout the village (Photo by Al Masira Kafr Qaddum )
by Anna
I came to Palestine last Tuesday and joined the weekly protest held on Friday the 8th of August in Kafr Qaddum. The demonstration represented non-violent resistance against the land grab and for the freedom of movement in the village. Kafr Qaddum was my first demonstration in Palestine in solidarity with the Palestinian struggle for freedom, self-determination, human rights and international law. more >>
Abed Abed-Rabbeh (Photo by: Jane Smith)
by Jane Smith
Abed Abed-Rabbeh is standing on the dirt road looking anxiously at the bulldozers further up the hill. The Israeli bulldozers are digging a sewer system for the nearby illegal settlement of Har Gilo. Everyday, the bulldozers get closer and closer to the land that has belonged to his family for generations. more >>
Dr Kamalian Sha’ath
by Palestinian Center for Human Rights
Mahmoud Ezz Eddin Wahid Mousa lost 6 members of his family in an Israeli attack
by Palestinian Center for Human Rights
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Palestinian Cartoon

Abed Abed-Rabbeh (Photo by: Jane Smith)

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