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Azzam al-Ahmad -- PNN/Gaza
international / palestinian politics / news report Sunday August 10, 2014 10:44   image 1 image
Member of Fatah's Central Committee and head of the Palestinian delegation for truce talks in Cairo, Azzam Al-Ahmad, says that Palestinians do not wish to resume attacks, but that it is their legitimate prerogative to demand and fight for their rights. read full story / add a comment
150,000 people protest in London (image by @Farah_Gazan on Twitter)
international / non-violent action / human interest Sunday August 10, 2014 01:51   image 1 image
Following a call by the Palestinian Boycott Divestment and Sanctions National Committee and other Palestinian organizations, supporters of equal rights for Palestinians held protests around the world on Saturday, calling for an end to the Israeli assault on Gaza and an end to the siege that has been strangling the economy of Gaza for 8 years. read full story / add a comment
photo: Al Ray Palestinian Media Agency
international / palestinian attacks / human interest Saturday August 09, 2014 02:52   image 1 image
Foreign correspondents covering Gaza have rejected Israeli PM Netanyahu’s allegations regarding their reports, which have been described as "unbalanced" and "biased" towards Palestinians due to pressure exerted by Hamas. read full story / add a comment
Palestinians look at the wreckage from a damaged window following an  Israeli strike in Rafah on Aug. 2, 2014 (AFP Said Khatib)
international / gaza siege / news report Friday August 08, 2014 00:24   image 1 image
[Thursday Evening 8/7/14]: Hamas has stated that Israel has not yet replied to its ceasefire offer, warning of an "escalation" in hostilities should Israel failed to do so -- this just hours before the three-day ceasefire is set to expire at 8am on Friday. read full story / add a comment
David Norris (screenshot from Youtube video.)
international / gaza siege / news report Thursday August 07, 2014 03:30   image 1 image
Irish senator and former presidential candidate David Norris made a powerful speech on 31 July condemning Israel’s massacre in Gaza and the complicity of American, Irish and other European governments. read full story / add a comment
UK National Demonstration 2009 -- photo: Claudia Gabriela Marques Vieira, Wiki Commons
international / human rights / human interest Thursday August 07, 2014 02:24   image 1 image
As the international community once again files out horror-struck from the political theater of the Middle East, in bleak 72-hour assessment of the violence it has collectively witnessed in Gaza over the past month, whether from near or afar, the consensus remains clear: the utter depravity of Israel's crimes against Palestine must be addressed. read full story / add a comment
international / israeli attacks / news report Wednesday August 06, 2014 03:36   image 1 image
On Friday, fifteen-year-old Tariq Abukhdeir spoke at a hearing on Capitol Hill about the brutal beating he endured at the hands of Israeli police in early July.

read full story / add a comment
A Palestinian man inspects the damage at a UN school at the Jabaliya refugee camp in the northern Gaza Strip after the area was hit by Israeli shelling on July 30, 2014 (AFP Mahmud Hams)
international / international politics / news report Tuesday August 05, 2014 22:07   image 1 image
Three remaining members of a Palestinian delegation attempting to negotiate a longer truce between combatants in Gaza entered Egypt through Rafah crossing, on Tuesday, according to MENA state news. read full story / add a comment
international / non-violent action / news report Monday August 04, 2014 01:36   image 1 image
As the Israeli assault on the Gaza Strip continues to leave nearly 2,000 Palestinians dead and over 7,000 injured, there has been an upsurge in artists signing on to the Irish Artists' Pledge to Boycott Israel. read full story / add a comment
Three Israeli Merkava tanks drive back from the Gaza Strip to an Israeli base at the Israeli-Gaza border during the sunset on Aug. 3, 2014 (AFP Thomas Coex)
international / truce / news report Monday August 04, 2014 00:00   image 1 image
A Palestinian delegation which includes both PA members and Hamas representatives agreed, on Sunday, to present joint demands to Egyptian mediators, in Cairo, for a truce deal with Israel. read full story / add a comment
Wiki Commons
international / gaza siege / news report Sunday August 03, 2014 07:17   image 1 image
(August the 2nd, 2014) Thousands of multi-ethnic people, including Jews, have organized in New York City to protest Israeli aggression on Gaza and against the bias towards Israel, in reporting of events. read full story / add a comment
international / gaza siege / news report Sunday August 03, 2014 02:11   image 2 images
A health disaster of widespread proportions is rapidly unfolding in the Gaza Strip as a direct result of the ongoing conflict, said the United Nations today. read full story / add a comment
international / gaza siege / opinion/analysis Saturday August 02, 2014 13:53   image 1 image
US President Barrack Obama approached the press podium, Friday, shuffling the Western-backed civilian assault currently raging in the Gaza Strip into a deck of seemingly random issues, ranging from the crisis in Russia/Ukraine to US economy and 9/11 torture admissions. read full story / add a comment
Al Ray archive photo
international / international politics / news report Friday August 01, 2014 19:00   image 1 image
In a turn-around from Thursday, US Senators Friday morning decided to move ahead with approval of an additional $225 million for Israel, even while calling for drastic cuts to social services and other domestic spending. read full story / add a comment
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