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Benjamin Netanyahu - File - Reuters
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Why can't the Palestinians recognize a "Jewish state"? more >>
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It is not strange to hear the US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton saying that the “two-state solution should go through Jerusalem and Ramallah, and not New York,” meaning that negotiations between Palestinians and Israelis should be the way to peace. It is strange however, to realize that Clinton did not read history very well to learn that Palestinians have invested two decades on fruitless negotiations. What makes her comment absurd, is that she is talking about two states, ignoring the fact that Jerusalem and Ramallah are two Palestinian cities. more >>
Salit quarry workers (image from solidarity magazine)
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Israeli employers, Palestinian workers and an Arab-Jewish union: Workers at Salit Quarries demand basic, fair employment terms, but the quarry management says their claims are childish. The first organized labor dispute in the West Bank is coming to a head – is this ideological adventurism or a revolutionary precedent? more >>
Gazan children (image by Suhaib Salem - Reuters)
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The gradual closure of Gaza began in 1991, when Israel canceled the general exit permit that allowed most Palestinians to move freely through Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories. Since then the closure, which may soon be challenged by the second Freedom Flotilla, has become almost hermetic. more >>
Mazin Qumsiyeh, author
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Israel reported a record $7.2 billion weapons exports solidifying its position in the top four countries profiting from war and destruction. The other two main official sources of income for Israel (foreign aid and its pillaging of the Palestinian economy) are also at a record high. more >>
As I walked recently along the Israeli separation barrier, being constructed inside the 1967 borders between Israel and the Palestinian Territories, my attention was brought to one of the many slogans daubed on the Palestinian side of the wall. It read, “Peace, Not Surrender”. Giving it further thought the statement got me thinking about how we think about peace and justice and how these two terms, while related, can often be very much opposed depending on interpretation. more >>
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