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Vittorio (wearing a shirt saying "Gaza" in Arabic)
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You are an enemy to yourself and the Palestinian struggle. You have just renounced your right to call yourself Palestinian. Juliano, Vittorio, Rachel Corrie Tom Hurndall and many others all understood what it meant to be Palestinian and showed their Palestininian-ness through their actions, not their origins. What you have shown us is that you have Israeli colonialist interests at heart. You are helping the occupiers create a society of hate, mutual destruction and devoid of values, Islamic or otherwise. more >>
Israeli airforce drops white phosphorus in Beit Lahia (image from Btselem)
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Richard Goldstone and I attended the same event last week – he as an honored guest, and I as an ordinary audience member. It was a debate on the Goldstone Report at Stanford University between two lawyers who had visited Gaza as part of a National Lawyers' Guild Delegation, and two Zionist academics. more >>
One state solution?
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A Palestinian state alongside Israel has never been further from reality than it is today. Negotiations for a two-state solution have again capsized despite the Palestinian coup regime’s pronounced wish (if one is to believe Wikileaks) to sell off the Palestinians’ core rights in exchange for some measly Bantustan areas. more >>
Jeff Halper
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The peace process is at a dead-end. Israel will never end its Occupation voluntarily and the best it may agree to is apartheid, but the permanent warehousing of the Palestinians is more what it has in mind. more >>
Children killed dring 'Operation Cast Lead'
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What kind of sick person would kill children asleep in their beds? What sadistic, twisted logic would ever make someone think its ok to murder children? There is no justification, ever, for the killing of children. more >>
Although I do not support violent means of resistance, I do not find that they de-legitimize the struggle of any oppressed group, nor do they sanctify the oppressor. With that that in mind, the abhorrent murder of the Fogel family, in the settlement of Itamar, is beyond reproach. more >>
When I am in Palestine, I work as a volunteer reporter for the International Middle East Media Center (IMEMC). My job is to read and edit English translations of news reported from inside the occupied territories. I see what mainstream media does not cover and most Americans do not know. Daily accounts of Israeli incursions, house raids, arrests, attacks by Jewish settlers, house demolitions, and violent attacks on peace demonstrators are facts that belie the undercurrent of discontent expressed by people I work with. more >>
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In Palestine, it’s called popular resistance and has been going on for years – in fact, since 1987, when Israel began occupation of Palestinian territories taken in a six day war. Resistance tactics, once violent, changed over the years. Rockets fired into Israel abated, and the suicide bombers highlighted by the press stopped. They had served Israel well in appeals for security funding from the U.S. to build walls and supply its militia with tanks and weapons. more >>
The revolution that surprised many people would come as no surprise to anyone who comes and takes time to listen to the “real” people. Israel's undemocratic policies supported by the U.S., push Palestinians to revolt. more >>
U.S. mainstream media seldom lists Palestine among countries fighting oppressive regimes. It should. A visit to the West Bank and talks with Palestinians are signs of what will come.
more >>
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