Abducted Palestinian Legislators from the Jenin District, imprisoned by Israel, voiced an appeal to Fateh and Hamas gunmen, engaging in armed clashes, to stop the violence and maintain national unity. The legislators, imprisoned in the Nafha Israeli detention facility, managed to leak an appeal from prison expressing their sorrow for the unfortunate clashes in several Palestinian areas, and appealed for all parties to stop these attacks immediately. 

The legislators; Khalid Suleiman, Khalid Sa’id and Ibrahim Dahbour slammed the clashes and attacks against public and private facilities, homes and residents, and called on the conflicting parties to review their stances and stop the attacks. 

They also called for stopping incitement and for identifying and incriminating all persons involved in escalating the conflict and carrying attacks.

The Legislators also called for forming committees in the Palestinian cities, villages and refugee camps in order to bring Fateh and Hamas together to work on resolving their differences and avoid further clashes and attacks.

Several Palestinian factions including the Islamic Jihad, the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine, and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine are conducting continuous efforts in an attempt to stop the conflict and restore calm.