Residents of occupied East Jerusalem's Old City are requesting international assistance as Israeli forces move forward with plans to build a Jewish Synagogue in the heart of the Palestinian area. The exact location is just 50 meters from the Al Aqsa Mosque, which is itself already under threat from Israeli groups that have been digging under the Mosque in an attempt to undermine its foundations. In a field visit by the Al Aqsa Media Foundation, Walid Alzerba and Ismail Doek, the potential damage was recorded. The construction is adjacent to Alzerba's home.

He said, “A month ago they began bringing in the equipment and starting the work on an area of 200 square meters taken for the Jews after the Israeli occupation of Jerusalem began in 1967. The first step was a synagogue and at the same time they started work on another structure on a plot of land belonging to the Department of Islamic Endowments covering an area of 70 meters squared.”

Alzerba told PNN, “This matter summoned our intervention and we demanded of the workers to know who was responsible for the work they were doing, but they said that they were merely do cleaning and maintenance around the Muslim site and that they were not attempting to steal the plot of earth.”

He continued, “But these statements were not correct. Vehicles and armed soldiers began pouring into the area and a few days ago began construction that made it clear it is a synagogue. The door is on the south side, also making it clear that the next target is the adjacent Islamic Endowments' plot of land.”

The Israeli land-grab for Jerusalem and the illegal annexation has been ongoing for years. The concern is how many of these “changes” will be reversible if international law is ever upheld in the city.

United Nations Resolution 35 is just one of many that addresses the issue of the Israeli colonization of Jerusalem. “The 'Basic Law' on Jerusalem and the proclamation of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel are null and void and must be rescinded.”