Ramallah municipality and the Palestinian pharmaceutical company Bier Ziet organized a campaign on monday to plant one thousand olive trees in the city of Ramallah in the central West Bank.  

Janet Micha'el, the Mayor of the city said that this action is being taken in order to maintain the healthy and balanced environment of the city, and she added that the action is a part of campaign to make the city green.  

Micha'el thanked the Palestinian pharmaceutical company Bier Ziet for the donation of the trees and everyone who helped in the action and encouraged the residents of the city to protect the trees and help in keeping them alive.Palestinian pharmaceutical company Bier Ziet sarted a national level campaign recently to plant olive trees all over the Palestinian areas under the slogan of "Lets make Palestine green". The Israeli army is the biggest enemy of the trees in Palestine. Since 2002, thousands of olive trees that dated back to the roman era were cut down by Israeli army bulldozers to make way for the illegal wall in the West Bank and Gaza strip.