Nafeth Azzam, a leader of the Islamic Jihad movement, said in a phone interview with Maan News Agency, that he is optimistic that the coming days will witness a significant development in national unity talks among the Palestinian factions, especially Fateh and Hamas.Azzam said that Hamas and Islamic Jihad officials met on Wednesday evening in Gaza city and discussed some important issues regarding the National Unity Government and the relation between the two movements.


Hamas and Islamic Jihad leaders held comprehensive meetings regarding the current crises and efforts to advance national unity talks.


The meeting was attended by Sheikh Nafith Azzam, Khalid Al Batsh, Daoud Shihab and Mohammad Al Harazeen from the Islamic Jihad, and Khalil Al Hayya, Jamal Abu Hashim, Mohammad Aziz and Khalil Nofal from Hamas.


The delegates called for speeding up national unity talks under the supervision of President Mahmoud Abbas and Prime Minister Ismail Haniyya with the participation of ministers, parliamentarian blocs and political factions.


Hamas and Fateh leaders said that they are willing to take measures that would ease the tension between members and supporters of the two movements and eventually end the chaos and ongoing clashes.