The Palestinian Follow-up Committee met on Sunday at night in Gaza City and agreed to resume national talks next Tuesday. Representatives of Fateh and Hamas attended the meeting.The Committee agreed on certain important issues that were topped by resuming the talks and dialogue session, stopping all smear campaigns between Fateh and Hamas, and to hold a meeting at the headquarters of the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) in Gaza on Tuesday.

 The meeting will be supervised by President Mahmoud Abbas, and Prime Minister, Ismail Haniyya.


Waleed Al Awad, member of the Committee told the Maan News Agency that Fateh and Hamas agreed on resolving their differences away from violence and the “language of guns”.


Al Awad added that the two movements also agreed on reducing tension and removing it's causes.


Also, an agreement had been reached on reactivating the probe committee in order to investigate the unfortunate armed clashes between members of Fateh and Hamas.