Palestinian national unity talks are scheduled to be resumed on Tuesday at six in the evening, under the supervision of President Mahmoud Abbas, and Prime Minister, Ismail Haniyya. deputy head of the legislative council, Ahmad Bahar, and head of the Higher Follow-up Committee issued official invitations for the resumption of the talks. The talks will be held at the headquarters of the Executive Committee of the Palestinian Liberation Organization, PLO, in Gaza City.


The talks come in order to resume the efforts and the development that came two nights ago following a meeting between Abbas, and the Hamas political bureau chief in Syria, Khalid Mashal.  


The talks are considered an attempt to dissolve the differences between the factions, especially Fateh and Hamas, in order to facilitate a national unity agreement.


Abbas and Mashal also held talks on reviving and reforming the Palestinian Liberation Organization. Following its victory in the legislative elections last year, Hamas said that it will be willing to join the PLO if it was reformed.


Unity talks started eights months ago in Gaza and Ramallah, but Fateh and Hamas were unable to gap their differences.


Yet, an agreement needs to be achieved on the distribution of ministerial posts of the new government, especially since the United States among other western countries refuse to deal with a Hamas-led government and will only lift the siege which was imposed on the government and the people since the election of Hamas on the conditions that Hamas recognise Israel, denounce violence and recognize the agreements signed between the PLO and Israel.


But Hamas said that it will not recognize a country which is still occupying the Palestinian people, their lands, and carrying daily attacks against them.

Hamas offered an extended truce with Israel in return to a full Israeli withdrawal from the occupied territories since 1967, if Israel also recognizes the Right of Return of the Palestinian refugees and releases the detainees.