On Thursday the Palestinian Presidency spokesman, Nabil Abu Rodaina, condemned the Israeli army attack on the West Bank city of Nablus earlier in the day, which claimed the lives of two Palestinians and wounded a third.
Abu Rodaina called the attack on Nablus a ‘hideous crime’, carried out in cold blood by the Israeli army.

“The continued Israeli killings of the Palestinian people indicate that the Israeli government is determined to keep up the cycle of violence, a thing that would likely undermine the ceasefire agreement and foil any peaceful efforts”.

Abu Rodaina emphasized the need to include the West Bank in the ceasefire agreement reached last November, as the continued Israeli attacks on the West Bank would undermine the ceasefire in the Gaza Strip.

The Israeli army invaded Nablus early on Thursday and killed two Palestinian resistance fighters, linked to the Fatah movement’s military wing, Al-Aqsa Martyrs brigades.

Israel and the Palestinians agreed last November to a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip, following a large-scale Israeli military offensive on northern Gaza Strip and a spate of Palestinian home-made rockets being fired on nearby Israeli towns.