On Monday morning a large Israeli army force invaded Jenin refugee camp and a nearby village in the northern West Bank, targetting armed resistance members affiliated with Islamic Jihad and Hamas.A Palestinian media source reported that when the large-scale offensive was carried out in Jenin refugee camp, Al Aqsa Brigades fought back in resistance for an hour or so.

Israeli troops used the collective-punishment tactic of threatening to demolish houses if people on their ‘wanted’ list did not surrender.

The abductees from Jenin refugee camp have been named as Issam Mousa Abu Al Hija, Rami Ahmed Hallouh and his brother Ra’ed, Raja Issam Abu and Fathi Abu Aita. Fuad Mohammad Kasrawi, Issam Abdullah Kasrawi, Izzat Abu Tha’er and Abdul Raham Mohammad Abu Allah were taken from a nearby village.

The location that these people were taken to by Israeli forces remains unknown.