Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas will meet Sunday with his Egyptian counterpart Husni Mubarak in Cairo for discussion on the recent Palestinian factions agreement on a unity government in the Saudi Arabian city of Makkah, Egyptian state minister for legal affairs, Mofeed Shehab reveled

Shehab said that both sides will also discuss the latest developments at local and international levels, including the Palestinian Authority-US relations and possible resumption of the Palestine-Israel peace process.

Nabil Amr, the Palestinian President’s advisor, confirmed that Abbas will also hold a series of meetings with Jordan’s King Abdullah II and the Russian President, Vladimir Putin.

According to Amr, Abbas will commence with discussing details of forming the national unity government immediately after he returns from his outside tour.

Abbas is also expected to take part in a trilateral summit involving US Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice and Israeli Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert by February19th.

Israeli sources said that Israel requested that Washington cancel the said summit under the pretext that theFatah-Hamas agreement has made such a meeting difficult.

In response to the Israeli request, the US State Department dismissed the demand, confirming that the meeting will be held in due time.