Since 60 military vehicles, accompanied by bulldozers, invaded the northern West Bank's Nablus City on Sunday at 1:00 am, the attacks have been continuous. The French government appealed Tuesday morning for the Israelis to stop the invasion and engage in dialogue.

Israeli forces immediately imposed curfew early Sunday, and it continues as of this morning. However, universities and schools have announced they will be open today in spite of the ongoing military operation.

Journalists are issuing daily condemnations of the attacks they are facing. Tareq Abu Kishek has difficulty broadcasting the news, as Israeli forces throw sound bombs when he tries to broadcast on air.

Legislative Council deputy Jamal Tirawi confirmed that this is happening throughout the city and that Israeli forces are scrambling the airwaves. 

Israeli forces have arrested at least 30 Palestinians, claiming that they are wanted. Among them is 43 year old Sheikh Nabegh Nafez Braik, the owner and director of the Sanabel Television station. His wife reported yesterday that Israeli forces stormed the building where the television studios are located and arrested her husband. They also confiscated computers, video cameras and cassettes.

Sources throughout Nablus confirm that Israeli forces have overtaken the Jamal Abdul Nasser School and converted it into an interrogation center where dozens of people have been detained.

Israeli forces have overtaken several television and radio stations throughout the invasion from which they broadcast warnings against aiding the armed resistance and those considered "wanted," and from going near the site of attack. When the invasion began at pre-dawn Sunday, Israeli forces placed blockades on Faisal Street which cut the city in two.

Israeli forces continue to hold families in single rooms inside homes they have overtaken, and shot and killed a 41 year old man and injured his son yesterday. Those who were able to reach Rafidiya Hospital are not safe there as Israeli forces have laid it under siege, for which the Ministry of Health issued a condemnation.

Receiving medical care is extremely difficult as Israeli forces are targeting ambulance and medics, as reported by Dr. Ghassan Hamdan, the Director of the Union of Palestinian Medical Relief Committees in Nablus.