Dr. Adel abdul-Hakim, leader of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine – General Command, said that on February 20 the acting Prime Minister, Ismail Haniya, invited the Front to participate in the Unity Government. He added that after consultation they decided to participate in the government. The Palestinian People Party said it has not yet made a final decision, and the Arab Liberation Front refused to participate.Abdul-Hakim added that the Front agreed to take part in the government in order to reactivate and reform the Palestinian Liberation Organization, and to implement the Cairo Agreement signed between the Palestinian factions in order to fight corruption and chaos.

He also stated that a meeting will be held next week between the Front and Haniyya to discuss the details of the Front's participation.

Abdul-Hakim added that the Front will participate in one ministry.

Meanwhile, the Palestinian People Party, PPP, said that it remains undecided as to whether it will participate in the upcoming government or not.

Bassam Salhi, Secretary General of the PPS, said that the party accepted to Mecca Unity Agreement, but has not yet make a decision regarding its participation in the Unity Government.

Salhi also said that delegates of the party met with Hamas representatives and informed them that the Party's participation depends on the implementation of certain issues, especially the neutralization of the Education System, implementing a social and democratic government system, fighting chaos and insecurity, developing the agricultural sector, and other issues.

The PPS also demanded the creation of a smaller ministerial council that would include all factions.

Meanwhile, the Arabic Liberation Front stated that it will not be part of the new unity government.

The Front declared that this decision does not mean the it will oppose the government, but it will support it in its political agenda.