The Israeli army abducted at least 14 Palestinian civilians during dawn invasions of several West Bank areas on Wednesday.
In Jayous village located to the east of Qalqilia city in the northern part of the West Bank, massive Israeli forces attacked and searched residents’ homes. Soldiers forced families out of their homes during the search, eyewitnesses reported.

After searching a number of houses in the village the force left, taking with them six men from the village. Among those abducted were; Ahmad Sahim, 20, Anwar Saleem, 18, Mohamed Qadomi, 20 and Tail Al Shikh, 24. All were taken to an unknown detention camp.

In the meantime, also in the northern part of the West Bank, the Israeli army invaded the village of Qafien near Tulkarem city. Soldiers conducted a wide scale search campaign that involved a number of homes in the village, then took three men prisoner and left. The three abducted were known as; Qusai Amarnah, Jihad Amarnah, and Nabil Harsha.

Soldiers fired tear gas and sound bombs into residents’ homes during their search, damaging some of the families’ belongings, sources in the village reported.

Nablus city and the near by Balata refugee camp in the northern part of the West Bank were also attacked on Wednesday at dawn.

Soldiers invaded the city and the refugee camp and attacked and searched a number of houses then abdcuted civilians. Mahbob Qunazi, 35, and Madeen Zuani, 17, were taken from their homes in the city of Nablus while Hamid Al Hashash, 17 was taken form his house located in Balata refugee camp.

Hisham Tzghiber, 22 and Ashraf Jawabra, were abducted by the Israeli forces on Wednesday at dawn during an invasion of the southern West Bank city of Hebron.

Local sources reported that soldiers searched a number of homes in the city of Hebron and the nearby Al Arop refugee camp then took the two to unknown detention camps.