The Israeli authorities announced Sunday that a complete closure of the Palestinian territories will go into effect starting from Sunday morning through next Monday, April 9th, under the pretext of Jewish holidays.

Israeli media sources reported that the Palestinian residents of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip will be barred entry into the Arab towns inside Israel for security considerations, while Jewish Israelis will be celebrating the Passover.

Closure of the Palestinian territories has so far created many difficulties for the Palestinian population, particularly casualties who desperately need treatment in countries abroad, including Israel.

Since the outbreak of Palestinian-Israeli violence in 2000, Israel has frequently closed the West Bank and Gaza Strip following various reasons, including 'security' and Jewish holidays.

Rafah crossing terminal, Gaza Strip’s sole outlet to the outside world, has been open for only one-fifth of its working days since June 2006, under the pretext of preventing Palestinians from transferring an abducted Israeli soldier to neighboring Arab countries.