Israeli gunboats heavily fired on Monday Palestinian fishing boats, while on board on northern Gaza shores.
Palestinian media sources said that the Israeli naval forces opened their heavy fire on the fishing boats and that no causalities have been reported.

Palestinian fishermen have been frequently exposed to Israeli navy gun fire since June25, 2006; the day Palestinian resistance groups captured Israeli soldier, Gil’ad Shalit, from an Israeli army base, to the south of Gaza Strip. Israel has said Shailt might be moved outside of Gaza via sea.

Fishing industry has been grossly damaged, as a result, while the Gaza population have been deprived of a vital food source, given the crippling economic embargo, major donor countries imposed right after last January’s elections.

According to Palestinian-Israeli Oslo accords signed in 1993, Palestinian fishing is allowed within 12 nautical miles, yet since last June, sailing has been largely restricted to limited area.