United Nations Secreatry General,Ban Ki-Moon, pressed Thursday for the release of BBC reporter, Alan Jhonston, who has been abducted in Gaza over the past month.
Ki-Moon voiced deep concern over the continued abduction of Jhonston, telling reporters he hopes that his abductors would unconditionally and immediately free him.

Scores of Palestinain journalists and supportes drove yesterday along Gaza streests in protest against the abduction of Jhonston, the longest period of capitivity, a foreign journalist endure in Gaza over the past three years.

Up to this moment, no single information on the standoff has been released, while the Palestinian Authority’s security services are incapable of resolving the issue.
Palestinain Authority officials have stressed they would employ all possible means at btheir disposal to secure safe release of Jhonston.

The veteran BBC repoorter, Alan Jhonston, has stayed in Gaza for the past three years, reporting on Gaza situation including the Israeli attacks, the internal fighting, as well as other walks of Palestinian life.

According to the Gaza-based Palestinain Human Rights Center, 55 foreign journalists and workers have been abducted and released unharmed by unknown gunmen in Gaza over the past three years