Israeli forces invaded the villages of Zababda and Jalbon, located near the northern West Bank city of Jenin and abducted 12 civilians on Wednesday morning.

Around 15 Israeli military vehicles stormed the village of Zababda, troops attacked and searched scores of homes then took five people to unknown detention camps, eyetnsses reported.

Among those abducted were Ahmad Sharqawi, 20, and Ahmad Qassem 20. In the meantime, another Israeli army force invaded the nearby Jalbon village. Soldiers fired sound bombs and live rounds at the villagers' homes and troops searched and ransacked a number of homes after forcing the families outside.

The invading forces invaded the village after abducting seven men and taking them to unknown locations. Among those abducted were; Nafi'e Abu al Rub, 30, Raed Abu Rub, 32, and Omer Abu Rub, 40.