Illegal Israeli settlers attacked and injured Palestinian farmers from the village of Halhol north of Hebron city in the southern part of the West Bank, while they were working on their land on Monday morning.

The settlers from Kurmitsur settlement, which is located on stolen village land, attacked the farmers who were working on their land just out side the barbed wire fence surrounding the settlement.

The settlers attacked the farmers with rifle buts and batons. Hassan Akeel, 45, and Ahmad Akeel, 46, sustained moderate wounds, Palestinian medical sources reported. Farmers responded to the settlers' attack by hurling stones at them. No settlers were injured. A small scuffle also was reported.

An Israeli army force arrived at the scenea and troops managed to separate the settlers and the farmers from each other. Despite the fact that the settlers were invading the farmers' land and attacking them, the Israeli soldiers forced the Palestinian farmers away and detained some of them fore several hours.