Dozens of relatives of a Gazan man who was abducted and killed by the “Army of Islam” group, broke into the Legislative Council building in Gaza carrying his body, and fired rounds of live ammunition into the air. The Maan News Agency reported that the Legislative Council was holding a session when the family broke into it chanting slogans slamming chaos and insecurity, and demanding that the Palestinian government tackle the issues revolving around the death of Hhasan Abu Sharkh.

Meanwhile, the Army of Islam group, a newly found group in the Gaza Strip, claimed responsibility for the death of Abu Sharkh, who was killed in the Jabalia refugee camp, in the northern part of the Gaza Strip.

Abu Sharkh's parents appealed to the Ministry of Interior and the security devices to arrest and prosecute the killers of their son.

A statement issued by the family said that some groups are benefitting from chaos in order to carry out vicious attacks and killings among the Palestinian people, and added that it will not open a mourning house for their slain son until the killers are brought to justice and punished.

The group said that Abu Sharkh was killed by mistake, and vowed to fulfill its responsibilities and obligations regarding the tragic outcome.

 It also vowed to locate the person who killed Abu Sharkh and punish him in accordance to the Islamic laws after unveiling all of the circumstances, according to a statement released by the group.