The Israeli Authorities informed the Tulkarem Palestinian District Coordination Office that the army intends to operate in the area after Israeli media sources reported that an Israeli settler went missing in Tulkarem area, in the northern part of the West Bank.The army installed dozens of additional roadblocks at the entrances of Tulkarem, and closed Ennab checkpoint, north of the city, Jabara checkpoint, south of the city, and conducted military searches after stopping hundreds of Palestinian vehicles.  

Soldiers also installed roadblocks at the entrance of Bal’a village, east of Tulkarem, and several other roadblocks along the main road between Tulkarem and several villages in the north of the city.

Troops searched the vehicles and interrogated dozens of residents, while additional troops deployed in the mountains and fields.

Israeli sources reported that an Israeli woman reported that her husband went missing in the area, since they live in an Israeli area close to the Green Line, which separates Israel from the occupied territories.