The Nafha Society which advocates the rights of Palestinian detainees in Israeli prisons and detention facilities called on human rights organizations to practice pressures on Israel to release an ailing detainee who lost the ability to walk due to a sharp deterioration in his health condition.The society stated that Ahmad Yousef, from Jalboun village, near the northern West Bank city of Jenin, is suffering from several diseases and lost the ability to stand and walk without crutches, but yet prison administration is not providing him with the needed medical help.

The report revealed that Abu Al Rob, sentenced to fifteen years, suffered a disease in his left leg some four months ago, and lost the ability to use it efficiently. 45 days ago, he suffered the same issue with his right leg.

The Prison Administration allowed the prison doctor to examine him, but the doctor did not offer him the needed medication which caused further health deterioration.

Head of the Jenin office of the Nafha Society, Rami Awwad, appealed human rights groups and organizations advocating the rights of the detainees, to carry joint activities in order to defend the rights of the detainees, especially amidst the repeated attacks and violations practiced against them.

He added that detainees in Israeli prisons should be treated as prisoners of war, and should be provided with the needed medical attention, and should receive all of their rights.

Awwad also stated that the Society is attempting to provide the detainee with a Palestinian physician, but the prison administration keeps rejecting the request.