The Palestinian Workers Unions received on Thursday delegates representing several European Workers Unions, and conducted special celebrations and activities on the event of May 1, the International Workers Day as part of the four days activities marking this event.Shaher Sa’ad, secretary-general of the Union, said that the delegates were representatives of workers unions in Norway, Greece, Spain, Italy, and Belgium.  

Sa’ad informed the participants on the daily difficulties that the workers face due to the Israeli restrictions and roadblocks, and informed them that the labor sector sustained 1 billion and 850 million US Dollar losses as a result of these violations, invasions, and closures.

He added that 38.000 workers left the country as a result of unemployment, poverty and the deteriorating conditions in the occupied territories.

He added that unemployment rate reached 42%, and poverty rates stand now at 54%.

Sa’ad thanked the participating delegates for visiting the Palestinian territories and witnessing the harsh conditions that the workers faced on daily basis.

The delegates witnessed the brutal Israeli military response to a protest organized by the workers, on May 1, at the Qalandia Israeli checkpoint, near Ramallah.    

“This incident shows how the army uses excessive force against peaceful protesters, against protesters who want to work and lead a decent life”, Sa’ad stated.

He demanded the delegates to inform their governments and people on what they saw, and how the army was brutal in dealing with the peaceful protest organized by the workers union.

He also asked them to practice pressures on their governments in order to be actively involved in ending the suffering of the Palestinian people, living under siege, blockade and occupation.

Sa’ad also stated that Israel does not want anyone to protest against its violations, and wants to hide its violations against the people.

The Israeli procedures, closures, invasions and attacks caused a sharp deterioration of the Palestinian economy inflicting huge losses and increasing the percentages of unemployment, and poverty.

Sa’ad told the participants that Israel is carrying these violations in order to force the people out of their land, and is that the Israeli occupation is acting in order to increase the immigration of the Palestinians as a result of the harsh living continuous and continuous attacks.

The delegates expressed their solidarity with the workers, and the Palestinian people, and said that the Israeli occupation to the Palestinian lands must be ended, and that the Palestinians must be able to achieve their legitimate rights of liberation and independence.