Sheikh Na’im Qasim, Hezbollah Deputy Secretary-General, denied Israeli claims that the Leann-based party met with or received any intelligence reports from the former member of Israeli Knesset Dr. Azmi Bishara during the second Lebanon war.The Qatar-based Al Jazeera news channel aired on Saturday evening an interview with Qasim who stated that the Israeli allegations are false and that Bishara never conducted Israel claims “secret and continuous meetings with intelligence operatives of Hezbollah”.

 Qasim added that Israel is trying to place the blame of its failure in the war on Bishara, Israeli online daily Haaretz reported.

Haaretz added that this is the first time that an official of the party reacts to the Bishara case.

 Qasim also confirmed that Hezbollah did not provide Bishara with any financial support.

 Commenting on the current situation of the party, Qasim said that Hezbollah is now ready for any further Israeli military offensive but added that he does not believe that a war will break out between Israel and the party or between Israel and Syria this summer.

He also warned that the Israeli intervention in the Iranian policies, and its nuclear program, will most likely increase the chances of a regional conflict.