Israeli army forces left, on Tuesday at dawn, Al Doha town located near the southern West Bank city of Bethlehem leaving behind three injured children and a destroyed house.

The invasion started late Monday night, an Israeli army force entered Al Doha and surrounded the house of Nidal Malash, who is said to be one of the leaders of Salah Ed Deen brigades, the armed wing of the Popular Resistance Committees. Shortly after the army deployed a bulldozer around the house and started to level it.

In the meantime Israel soldiers who took positions a nearby roof tops showered the house with live rounds in an attempt to force Malash to surrender.

Witnesses stated that Israeli troops also fired rubber coated rounds at the residents in their homes injuring Mo’en Al Qiessi, 14, in his back, medical sources in Bethlehem stated that the boy sustained moderate wounds, the sources added that another two girls was treated for shock after Israeli soldiers detained them and assaulted them.

Also during the 7 hours long siege of the house witnesses stated that troops set a carpentry shop owned by Malash family and located near the house on fire, when Palestinian fire fighting teems arrived at the scene the army did not allow them to but off the fire.

The invading force finally left the town in the early dawn hours of Tuesday after kidnapping Waled Zakzok and Palestinian security officer working in the town, Malash was not in the house at the time of the operation and managed to escape being kidnapped by the army, local sources reported.