The ambassador of South Korea in Palestine, Shin Kak Su, and delegates of the embassy, visited Jenin district on Tuesday and were received by the acting mayor of Jenin, Ali Al Shani and Jenin Governor Aide, Nayef Khamaisa, in addition to several dignitaries and officials. The Ambassador pledged 20 M USD in aid to the Palestinian Authority.Khamaisa informed the ambassador on the harsh conditions in Jenin district due to the Israeli attacks which affected all aspects of life, and explained to him the efforts carried by the P.A to ensure security to its residents.

He also thanked South Korea for its support to the Palestinian people and their legitimate struggle for independence.

On his part, the ambassador stated that he came to Jenin to observe the situation and suffering of the Palestinian people living under occupation, and said that the Koreans also lived under occupation and experience the suffering of being occupied.

He also stated that South Korea in interested in aiding the Palestinian people in order to resolve their problems and end their suffering, and that his government approved the 20 Million US Dollars in aid to the Palestinians during the Paris Conference.

He added that his government will also build a school east of Jenin city and that this school will be a technological School that aims at encouraging the youth to be involved in technology, and also aims at creating new and appropriate job opportunities.