Palestinian political detainees, members of the Hamas movement, imprisoned in the Negev Israeli detention camp, announced that they will fast on Monday in solidarity with the residents in the Gaza Strip, and called on President, Mahmoud Abbas, to intervene for ending the unjust siege and ongoing attacks carried by the Israeli army in the Gaza Strip.The detainees said that Monday will be a fasting and prayers day in solidarity with the residents in the Gaza Strip who are living without power supply, water, and basic medicines as Israel continues its “comprehensive war against the people and their legitimate government”.

The detainees also voiced an appeal to president Mahmoud Abbas to act in order to end the internal tension and divisions, and to declare full solidarity with the Gaza Strip.

They also stated that they will take additional measures, possibly open-ended hunger strike, if the siege and attacks continue.  

There are 2350 detainees in the Negev detention camp, among them 1150 Hamas members and supporters.