The Palestinian Popular (Folk) Committees issued a press release on Tuesday appealing the International Community to intervene and save the Gaza Strip from an imminent humanitarian disaster as the unjust Israeli siege continues as the coastal region is still without access to water, electricity, food and medical supplies. The Committee stated that the Israeli army is continuously shelling several areas in the Gaza Strip and imposing collective punishment on the residents leading to hundreds of civilian casualties, including children, elderly and women.

The Committees added that these Israeli attacks and illegal measures come in direct violation to the International Law, the basic principles of human rights and the Fourth Geneva Conventions.  

Azmi Shiokhy, Secretary-general of the Committees, held Israel responsible for the deteriorating conditions and voiced an appeal to Arab and Muslim leaders to intervene and stop the Israeli violations.

He also voiced an appeal to the International Community to act immediately in order to stop the Israeli assaults and ensure the entry of food, fuels and medicine into the Gaza Strip.