Family of detainee Ali Rajih Asfour, 31, from Ya’bod town near the northern West Bank city of Jenin, voiced an appealed to human rights groups to intervene for the release of their son from Megiddo Israeli prison, in order to ensure that he receives the needed open-heart surgery, in addition to the needed treatment for his kidney failure and blood pressure.In a letter written by his brother, Imad, who is also imprisoned by Israel since eight years and is currently at the Negev Detention camp, the brother said that he was continuously barred from meeting his ill brother in spite of several letters and appeals.

Imad added that several physicians and specialists in addition to specialist sent by the Red Cross examined his brother and confirmed that he needs a heart surgery, a surgery never performed in prison hospitals, especially since prison hospitals do not have any equipment and any surgeons.

It is worth mentioning that Ali was kidnapped by the army 15 months ago and Israel only recently filed charges  against him of membership in the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine.

For 15 months he was detained without charges or trial, and was confined under the so-called “administrative detention orders”.