Hundreds of Arab residents of Kafer Kanna Arab town in the north of the country held a massive candle procession on Friday evening in solidarity with the Gaza Strip which is facing ongoing Israeli siege and attacks, the Arabs48 news website reported.The news website added that the procession was organized by national and Islamic factions in Israel.  It took off after Friday evening prayers in Omar Bin Al Khattab Mosque, in the center of the town.

The protesters expressed their anger over the ongoing illegal Israeli policies of cutting the power supply in the Gaza Strip, the ongoing assassinations and invasions, in addition to the harsh siege imposed on the Gaza Strip.

They also called on all Palestinian factions to unite and hold internal talks in order to end the current tension between Fateh and Hamas to enable the people stand united in facing the Israeli military aggression and illegal policies.

Arab member of Knesset, Wasel Taha, stated that the procession is part of several activities organized by Arab residents of Israel in support to the residents of the Gaza Strip.

He added that thousands are expected to join Saturday protest which will be organized by different political factions in Israel, especially the National Democratic Alliance.