One of the lawyers of the Palestinian Prisoners Society visited Hasharon Israeli prison on January 23 and met with a number of detainees, including underage detainees illegally imprisoned by Israel. The lawyer met with detainee Laila Al Bukhari, a female detainee who was kidnapped by the army on June 29 2002 and was sentenced to eight years.

Laila informed the lawyer that female detainees, and underage detainees imprisoned at Hasharon prison are facing ongoing violations and are facing gradually declining conditions.

One of the underage detainees, Ahmad Shtewy from Bethlehem, said that he is suffering from a skin disease and was only seen by a physician recently although he was kidnapped by the army since February, 2, 2007.

The lawyer also visited detainee Mohammad Simmak from the northern West Bank city of Nablus, detainee Ahmad Qatmera, 17, and detainee Naim Qatmeera, both from El Ezariyya (Bethany) town near Jerusalem.

Qatmeera said that he is detained in the underage detainees section and that the detainees there are not provided with decent and sufficient food in addition to being subjected to repeated attacks by the soldiers.

The lawyer also visited underage detainee Abdul-Hafith Abu Shareefa, from Al Jalazonerefugee camp in Ramallah. Abu Shareefa was kidnapped by the army at the Qalandia roadblock on August 21, 2007 and was subjected to extreme torture during interrogation.

He is suffering from sharp pain in his ears in addition to weakness in his hearing sense due to torture and repeated punches by the soldiers to his head and wars.

He also said that when he was kidnapped by the soldiers, they forced him to completely undress and started hitting and punching him n his face and ears. During interrogation, he was forced to sign a paper written in Hebrew although he cannot read Hebrew and was not provided with any translation.