Israeli forces invaded the northern West Bank city of Jenin and the two nearby villages of Rummana and Zbuba, kidnapping six Palestinians in the early hours of Monday morning.Local sources reported that at least 15 military vehicles invaded the city of Jenin overnight Sunday. Troops broke into a number of houses and ransacked them.

Sources added two civilians were kidnapped identified as Bassam Abu Obeid,45, Khaled Abu Obeid, 30, adding that troops messed vegetables stores and confiscated some of the residents’ properties during the invasion.

In the eastern neighborhood of Jenin city, forces kidnapped Majdi Ghbareya, 22 after invading his home.

Meanwhile, Israeli soldiers invaded two villages of Rumana and Zbuba west of Jenin, attacking several civilians’ homes and kidnapping three, only from Zbuba village. The detainees were lately identified as Abed Al Rahman Jaradat, 23, Omar Zaghal, 25 and Diya’ Obeidi, 29, from Zbuba village and all were moved to an undisclosed destination