The lawyer of the Palestinian Prisoners’ Society visited the Israeli detention center of Gilbo’a last week and met several prisoners revealing a seroius problem, a statement by the society stated on Monday.Prisoner Mohamad Abu al Rab from Qabatiya, near Jenin. Abu el Rab had been kidnapped in July /2002 and had been sentenced 30 years in prison.

Abu er-Rub demanded, on behalf of all the prisoners in the Israeli detention centers, the Palestinian Authority to probe the death of Fadi Abu er-Rub.

The prisoners in Gilbo’a detention center held the the Israeli wardens responsible for his death accusing them of mal treatment.

In his testimony, Mohammad said ‘ Fadi Abu el Rab death wasn’t accidentally, and the main reason behind his death was the intended medical negligence of the prisoner wardens. Mohammad said that he was with Abu al Rab at the same detention room and in 17/12/2007, Abu el Rab was taken to the dental clinic and was given a medicine to be taken after food which was changed Abu el Rab medical condition’.

Mohammad added in his testimony that ‘Fadi started to shiver after taking the medicine, he suffered an extensive pain. In the next day he was moved to the clinic and was diagnosted as suffering high blood pressure. He received medical treatment and then he was returned to his cell. There were enough signs to indicate that he was exhausted.’

‘In the second day,’ Mohammad continues, ‘the duty-officer was informed by the prisoners that Fadi was still sick, in serious condition ands medical attention. The officer told them that he had allergy in blood and teh symptoms that he has, are his body’s reaction to the medicine that he took the day before.’

Mohammad added that ‘ the officer denied his statement three days later and issued a letter saying the Fadi suffered no diseases’. Mohammad added that Fadi’s condition continued to deteriorate for 11 days but with no attention given to him by the prison’s administration, until he was moved the prison’s clinic again and was given pain relievers only.

After two days in teh clinic, the prison administration reported to the prisoners that Fadi’s case is not serious, and that he will receive the proper treatment needed, said Mohammad.

In the night the detention wardens came to prisoners and asked for Abu er-Rub’s clothes and belongings and informed them that he died. The prisoners held the prison’s admnistration responsible for his death for not providing him the required medical treatment, in violation of the fourth Geneva convention regarding the treatment of war prisoners

The Palestinian Prisoners Society petitioned all the human rights organizations, the Red Cross, the Palestinian Authority and the Ministry of Prisoners Affairs to form an investigation committee to probe the death of fadi Abu er-Rub in the Israeli jail of Gilbo’a.