Palestinian media sources reported on Tuesday that owners of fuel companies in Gaza refused to receive the Israeli shipments of fuel entering Gaza, in protest of the fuel cuts Israel are making.However the companies received the reduced supply of fuel for running the only power generator in Gaza, along with the natural gas used for cooking and heating.

While the Gaza Strip needs 120,000 litres of fuel per day just to run cars, Israel has only allowed in 50,000 liters per day over the last 12 days. 10,000 litres are for U.N. use in the coastal region, and 40,000 litres are for the gas stations, providing them with only 10% of what is required.

Diesel shortages are also a problem in Gaza. Israel has been shipping 350,000 litres per day, considerably short of 700,000 litres per day Gaza requires. Sources at the Petroleum Authority in Gaza told IMEMC that Israel is still not providing the amount of fuel needed to generate electricity. The sole power plant in Gaza needs 2.2 million litres a week to operate at maximum capacity. Over the previous two weeks, however, Israel has been sending only 1.4 million litres of fuel need for the power generator per week, almost half of the amount needed.