The Israeli army invaded the northern West Bank city of Jenin and nearby Al Yamon village, during the attacks on Thursday morning, troops kidnapped six family members of Palestinian resistance fighters.

In Al Yamon village, soldiers surrounded the house of Ahmad Nawahdah, 55, soldiers searched the house and forced the family out into the heavy rain for more than two hours. Witnesses said that after the army finished searching the house troops kidnapped Nawahdah along with three of his sons Jihad, Imad and Jad. The army claims that the Nawahdah family has a son that is part of the Islamic Jihad armed wing resistance group.

Meanwhile Israeli troops attacked and searched the house of Amar Abu Ghaloiun, the army says he is also a member of the Islamic Jihad armed wing; troops again forced the family out into the rain and kidnapped two of his brothers, Nidal and Mohamed.

Kidnapping family members is a common policy that the Israeli army uses to pressure the Palestinian resistance fighters to turn themselves in.