If anyone believes that a different Prime Minister, under similar circumstances would have acted differently, then they refuse to look at the history of Israeli incursions and the power the military holds over the Israeli Government.The actions taken by the Prime Minister, Defense Minister and head of the military were predestined by the result of the end of the first Lebanon War, the subsequent and ongoing free hand granted by the Israeli court systems to the military to commit murder and go unrestrained, and the failure of the military to abide by even the simplest commands of the Supreme Court of the civilian government. After spending time in the occupied territories and personally experiencing the tactics of the occupying Israeli Military forces, it is clear that the military, based on its own actions, are completely out of control.

As the world looks at the Winograd report and wonders how Israel could drop cluster bombs in civilian areas, how they can indiscriminately bomb out whole neighborhoods, to make such comments as we will blow them back to the stone ages, shows that rational thought and the Israeli military need to be introduced to each other. As people around the world wonder how Israel can be so upset by soldiers being kidnapped, when the Israeli military, Mossad, and it’s other undercover thugs kidnap civilians in Palestine and Lebanon on a daily basis. While the world looks at the Winograd report as a scathing criticism of the entire war, the Israeli right wing, settler and war mongering fools are declaring that the failure was that they didn’t kill more people, drop more cluster bomb, take more land, and it wasn’t long enough. Unfortunately, that right wing, Netanyahu, Lieberman, lunatic right proves that he who makes the most noise, gets the most media attention. Lets face it, when Ohlmert speaks of peace, it doesn’t even make the front page, but if Netanyahu or Lieberman scream to nuke every Arab and Muslims nation, that is not only news, but front page news, and it sells papers.

Yes folks, the anger in Israel over the Winograd report is that Ohlmert should go because he didn’t kill enough people. Of course, if you look at the previous Prime Ministers of Israel, from Sharon all the way back to Ben Gurion they have all had a massacre to lay claim to. Begin, Sharon, Yitzhak Shamir, Ben Gurion, etc… right down the line, Sabra, Shatilla, Deir Yassin, Beit Hanoun, yes, they all have had the red badge of courage, of course, the red badge wasn’t their blood, it was the blood of some poor Palestinian women and children, but it matters not to the Israeli’s whose blood it is, they are heroes because they killed large swatches of Palestinians and Lebanese. Now this Prime Minister had the opportunity to commit just such atrocities. Granted, cluster bombs, bombing civilian areas, etc… are certainly enough for me to convict someone of war crimes, but the problem for the Israelis was the number. They just didn’t get the 500 or 600 civilians at one time, that they thrive on. They did get the 1000 or so civilian deaths that they like to claim, they just didn’t have the rivers of blood the media and Israeli population thrive on, and so it was a failure.

Of course, Hezbollah may claim victory, Israel may claim a limited victory, the UN may even declare a victory, but what victory is it to the Lebanese family whose home was demolished by Israeli gunships, what victory is it to the children who are now parentless, what victory was it to the parents left holding their lifeless children in their arms. These are people who committed no crime against Israel, these people didn’t want to wipe Israel off the map, yet the palpable hatred that exists in the Israeli population have turned them into vampires who can not laud a Prime Minister for peace, but crucify him for not spilling enough blood. The same amount of blood that the previous Prime Minister spilled, and the one before that, and the one before that.

The legacy of Israel is not that the Arabs or Muslims will eliminate them, not that the Iranians will eliminate them, it is not the Palestinians who will eliminate them. Take a good look at the power the military holds in Israeli society, look at the power held by right wing Zionist entities, look at the power held by those who embrace war not peace. Israel will cease to exist as it has in the past, as its own prophets foretold. When the evil inside Israel becomes so great, their own God will take the land away from them as they historically claim he has in the past, because of their transgressions. The Christian religion does not call for the destruction of Israel, the Muslim religion does not call for the destruction of Israel, but Israel’s own prophets, their own books, their own religious beliefs have shown that if they continue to travel down this road, the road of evil and hatred, they will destroy themselves, long before any one else gets to them.