A footage, taken by a foreign peace activist near the West Bank city of Hebron, showed two Israeli soldiers, undressing their pants, exposing their rear ends to some local Palestinian farmers.
According to Palestinian and foreign sources in the occupied West Bank, the event took place in January11, when a group of foreign peace activists from a Christian organization, were escorting some Palestinian farmers for protection from Israeli settlers in the settlers-inhabited Hebron city.

Sean, the activist who filmed the incident, was quoted by media sources as saying ‘ It was around noon, when we were approaching shepherds from the village of Tuba, a nearby valley, because the settlers regularly harass them and throw stones in their direction’.

He added :’the settlers demanded that the Palestinian farmers leave the area, while the Israeli soldiers who were present attempted to keep the farmers away, and in the middle of argument, two soldiers exposed their rear ends to us’.

Settlers of the Moan Israeli settlement in the occupied Palestinian city of Hebron, happen to harass the local Palestinian farmers on regular basis, as the Israeli army is called to rein in control, local Palestinian sources said.

Arab-Palestinian lawmaker of the Israeli parliament (Keneset), Ahmad aL-Tibi, of the United Arab List-Ta’al), Slammed the episode, saying ‘ what happened in Hebron resembles in spirit actions of American soldiers in the Abu Gharib prison of Iraq’

Altibi added ‘ the Israeli society, especially the families of such monsters, should be ashamed of their doing’.

Office of the spokesperson of Israeli army, responded to the report by stating ‘ what happened was a rare occurrence that contradicts the spirits, values and norms of the Israeli army.

The office maintained that the soldiers involved have been suspended from duty until investigations are completed, and that they would be possibly face consequences of their action.