Dr. Hasan Khatir, secretary-general of the Islamic-Christian Front for Defending Jerusalem and its Holy Places, called on the rich Arab and Muslim residents in the Arab World to participate in defending the holy places in Jerusalem as Jewish billionaires from the former Soviet Union  and the USA are supporting extremist Jewish groups in control all Arab areas in the city. Khatir said that Jewish millionaires are now competing on controlling Arab areas in the Holy City especially the areas that are adjacent to the Al Aqsa mosque in the Old City.

Khatir added that Ervan Moscowvitch,  a Jewish billionaire from the former Soviet Union is concentrating his activities in the Old City of Jerusalem and is spending millions of US Dollars to support illegal settlement activities and illegal grab of Palestinian homes in Jerusalem.

Also, Khater said that another Jewish Millionaire, Yanighbi Shveldar, organized campaigns for donations to extremist settlers groups in order to control Palestinian and Arab lands in the city. He donated 9 million US Dollars to support a “David City Project” which is being carried out south of the Al Aqsa mosque on Palestinian lands owned by residents of Silwan Palestinian town east of Jerusalem.  

He also said that Ghnady Yogoloov, a Jewish billionaire from Ukraine donated three million US Dollars for illegal settlement activities near the Al Aqsa Mosque.

Moreover, Vadim Rebonovitch, a Jewish millionaire from Ukraine, donated 3 Million US Dollars and intends to donate five more millions for building a Synagogue in the Old City.

Khater stated that there are dozens of Jewish millionaires who are competing in carrying projects in the old city in order to remove its Arab history and presence.

He added that the Palestinians always defended Jerusalem and will always do so, but they are appealing their brothers in the Arab world especially in Dubai, Riyadh, Cairo and other Arab capitals to help them in defending the Arab history in Jerusalem.