The International Relations department in the Palestine Liberation Organization – PLO- on Thursday released its monthly report regarding the Israeli attacks on Palestinians for the month of January 2008.

The reported stated that 96 Palestinians were killed by Israeli army fire all over the Palestinian territory (the Gaza Strip and the West Bank) in the month of January 2008.

Among those 96 there were 10 children, 10 women, and 27 others who were assassinated by the army, the report stated.

334 Palestinians were injured during the Israeli army attacks targeting Palestinian communities on January 2008, while 540 were kidnapped, the report added.

The reports shows that 14 Palestinian houses were demolished and 52 homes were used as military posts by the Israeli army during the month of January 2008.

Regarding the Israeli settlers in the West Bank, the report shows that those settlers had uprooted 200 olive trees owned by Palestinian farmers in addition to bulldozing 350 Dunoms of agricultural lands. (Dunom = 1000 meters).

The report also stated that the Israeli settlers with the help of the Israeli army had increased their attacks on Palestinian farmers.

Regarding the Palestinian political detainees in Israeli detention camps, the reports said with those 540 kidnapped by the army in the month of January 2008, the number of Palestinian detainees in Israel now stands at 11,000.

The report concluded by saying that the number of Palestinian patients who have died due to the Israeli Siege on Gaza since June 2007 stands at 90 by the end of January 2008.