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22 Apr

Mekorot Loses Portugal Deal, Faces Global Protests

Lisbon’s water company EPAL has announced that it has terminated a technology exchange deal with Israeli state water company, Mekorot, following protests over Mekorot’s role in Israel’s ‘water apartheid’ over Palestinians.Originally posted on April 21, 2014 by Palestinian BDS National Committee Portuguese MPs and campaign groups had argued that the […]

23 Mar

WHO: Over 97% of Gaza’s Water Below Quality Standards

More than 97% of the water pumped from the coastal aquifer, in the besieged Gaza Strip, does not meet the water quality standards of the World Health Organization (WHO), leading to the depletion of groundwater reserves, with the groundwater level in the coastal aquifer reaching 19 meters below sea level, […]

05 Sep

Israeli Soldiers Shut Down Water Lines Leading To Village And Its School

September 5, 2018 9:49 AM IMEMC News Israeli attacks, Nablus, News Report, West Bank 0

Israeli soldiers invaded, on Wednesday morning, Furush Beit Dajan village, east of the northern West Bank city of Nablus, and shut down water pipelines providing the community, and its local school, with the needed water. Tawfiq Hajj Mohammad, the head of Furush Beit Dajan Local Council, said the pipelines are […]

04 Dec

Settlement Pollutes Palestinian Olive Groves With Sewage Water

The picture might look beautiful, but the water badly smells of sewage. 11/17 | International Solidarity Movement | Nablus Team  The farmers in South Bruqin have had to face the difficulties living next to, and having land stolen by, the illegal settlement of Bruchin since 2000. The last eastern expansion […]

23 Oct

How Israel Engages In ‘Water Apartheid’

by Mersiha Gadzo, Al Jazeera/Days of Palestine World Health Organisation says that an illegal Israeli settler in West Bank consumes three times more water than a legal Palestinian resident. Jordan Valley, Occupied West Bank – Water is not scarce in the Jordan Valley, known as the traditional “breadbasket of Palestine” – yet Palestinian […]

29 Sep

UN Takes First Concrete Step To Hold Israel Accountable For Violating Palestinian Human Rights

Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, shakes hand with delegates before the opening of the 36th session of the Human Rights Council, at the European headquarters of the United Nations. Credit: Laurent Gillieron/AP Media reports reveal that the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights began sending letters, two […]

31 Jul

The “Apolitical” Approach to Palestine’s Water Crisis

by Muna Dajani  Overview Earlier this month, Israel and the Palestinian Authority (PA) announced a new deal in which Israel will sell the Palestinians 33 million cubic meters of desalinated Red Sea water per year, with 10 million cubic meters transferred to the Gaza Strip and the rest to the West Bank. The […]

29 Nov

BDS Movement Counts Successes for 2016

(Photo: A campaigner in the West Bank puts up a poster in support of a campaign during Ramadan encouraging people to boycott Israeli products. Community boycott campaigns are spreading across the West Bank and the whole of Palestine.) The year 2016 will be remembered by Palestinians and supporters of Palestinian freedom, […]

27 Jun

Adalah: Stop Cutting Water Supply to West Bank Palestinians

Adalah, The Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel, sent a letter to senior Israeli government, military and water officials demanding that they cease cutting the water supply to Palestinian residents of the occupied West Bank. “In violation of int’l treaties, Israel has cut water supply up to 70%, […]

21 Jun

Qarawah Water Apartheid

21st June 2016 | IWPS | Deir Istiya, occupied Palestine When Aziz ‘Aasee, the mayor of Qarawah Bani Hassan village drives through the streets, we’re stopped every few meters by one of his constituents, all of whom are asking the same question: When will we have water again? For some, […]

16 Jun

Mekerot’s West Bank Water War Continues

Palestinian Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah issued a statement decrying Israeli national water company Mekorot’s decision to cut off water supplies to several Palestinian cities and villages. “Israel wants to prevent Palestinians from leading a dignified life and uses its control over our water resources to this end; while illegal Israeli settlements […]

15 May

PCBS: “Israel Controls More than 85% of the Land of Historical Palestine”

This is a special statistical bulletin by the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS) on the 68th Anniversary of the Palestinian Nakba of 1948. The number of Palestinians worldwide has multiplied about nine-fold — Israel Controls More than 85% of the Land of Historical Palestine     The Nakba: Ethnic […]

12 Aug

Israel Denies Water Access to More Palestinian Villages

August 12, 2015 7:47 PM IMEMC & Agencies Human rights, News Report, West Bank 0

During the hottest month of the year, the Israeli occupation has cut off water from three more Palestinian villages in the occupied West Bank.The villages of Qarawat Bani Hassan, Biddya and Sarta, in the West Bank cityu of Nablus, have received only a partial supply of water, leaving almost half […]

08 Aug

Israel cuts water to Palestinian village, causing deaths of hundreds of farm animals

August 8, 2015 10:16 AM Celine Hagbard Human rights, Nablus, News Report 0

As an exceptionally hot summer heatwave continues to drain the region’s water supplies, this week Israeli water company Mekorot took the situation to a new level with the villagers of Kafr Qaddoum when the company cut off the village’s water supply.The village is almost entirely dependent on agriculture, and the […]

06 Aug

Qalqilia Protests Water Deprivation by Israeli Authorities

Dozens of Palestinian residents of the occupied West Bank village of Kafr Qaddum staged a sit-in, on Wednesday, to protest the Israeli national water company’s cutting off its supply to the village, locals said.Hamzeh Jumaa, the head of the village council, told Ma’an News Agency that the Israeli water company […]

01 Jan

BDS 2014 Roundup

For Palestinians and people of conscience everywhere, 2014 will be remembered as the year in which Israel carried out its bloodiest massacre, ever, of Palestinians in the besieged Gaza Strip.2014 was also a year of resistance which saw continued resistance and unprecedented international solidarity with Palestine, and huge steps forward […]

04 Sep

West Bank: Israeli Forces Close Agricultural Roads, Confiscate Water Pipes

September 4, 2014 9:37 PM IMEMC & Agencies Israeli attacks, News Report, West Bank 0

Israeli forces, on Thursday, closed agricultural roads in Idhna and confiscated water pipes from al-Baq‘a, located respectively to the west and east of Hebron, according to municipal sources and witnesses.WAFA Palestinian News & Info Agency has reported that several agricultural roads were closed in al-Bas springs, al-Khirbi al-Bayda, Khirbet al-Ras, […]

19 May

As Israeli Violations Escalate, BDS Gains International Momentum

With settler attacks on the rise across the West Bank and historic Palestine, and military incursions escalating throughout the occupied territories, often in direct conjunction with one another and with near full complicity from Western governments, the international community has responded by implementing increased measures with regard to the Boycott, […]

16 Mar

$170m Loss for Israeli Water Firm as BDS Spreads Southward

In the latest success for the growing Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement against Israel, authorities in Buenos Aires, Argentina, have suspended a proposed $170m water treatment plant deal with Israeli state water firm, Mekorot. The decision comes after a recent campaign by local trade unions and human rights groups […]

11 Jan

Boycott Roundup: US Tear Gas-maker CSI Urged To Cancel Israel Sales

January 11, 2011 10:22 PM IMEMC & Agencies News Report, The Wall, West Bank 0

Four activist groups in the US are calling on a tear gas manufacturer to stop providing its products to the Israeli military following the death of Jawaher Abu Rahmah from severe respiratory distress on 1 January 2011 after inhaling tear gas fired by the Israeli army in the occupied West […]

22 Jul

Israeli Military Destroys Palestinian Village

The Israeli military demolished an entire village in the Jordan Valley after declaring it within a closed military zone.The Israeli military destroyed an entire village, Monday morning, in the Jordan valley after most residents had left when the Civil Administration cut off the last of their water, according to Haaretz. […]

04 Feb

Homemade shells fired at the Negev, child seriously injured

February 4, 2006 3:15 AM IMEMC & Agencies Israeli attacks, News Report, Palestine 0

An Israeli medical source reported on Friday that four family members, including a child, were injured, on Friday afternoon, in Kibbutz Karmiya, in the western Negev, after a Palestinian armed group fired homemade shells at the Kibbutz. The source stated that a 7-month-old baby suffered moderate head wounds, other family […]

07 Sep

Settlers create territorial contiguity with ‘connecting outposts’

Until a few years ago, the small settlement of Harasha in the western part of the northern West Bank was defined as an outpost. Harasha, on a hill 780 meters above sea level with a view of the Mediterranean coast, has a population of 30 families. During Sharon’s term as […]